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  • 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 13:42

'Electronic Blood' transfer

'Electronic Blood' transfer
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Scientists working on the much talked about radical technology!

of each fiscal period, the performance of processors used in computers and mobile devices takes a few times. However, the problem of overheating processors , continues to be a problem that affects the performance graph. IBM is working on a radical solution in this regard.

IBM's idea blood used to cool the human body such as the brain, the liquid contact . by IBM engineers prepared a prototype computer processor, with channels for the passage of fluid of electronic equipment. Patrick Ruch'un led the team, as well as in batteries, the electrolyte is a Sticky Thread cools equipment hire would you think.

system to be developed, only heat distribution, but also the transfer of processors aimed at energy . Electrons flowing through channels which will be a little liquid electrodes, so that the formation of the current.

cost and energy savings

'Electronic blood' to be developed with the cooling system, such as processors gain higher processing capacity, which will help to shrink even more processors. Thus, the hardware used today in the heat and warm air systems, an alternative that will not pass in front of hapsolmasının.

Electronics blood, data banks, technology companies came under huge costs for cooling is also a good solution can. However, the cooling system for the development of a new generation of technology that enables the production of very small channels processors and processors compatible with the electrolyte needs to be improved.

original IBM electronic blood project The purpose of a mechanism to convert the system works like the human brain.

to answer questions in natural language developed by IBM's artificial intelligence program Watson, 84 kW electric produces. Electricity consumed by the human brain is only 20 watts (1000 watts=1 kilowatt). As a result, less energy aim to develop high-performance processors and cool.

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