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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:05

Electronic Commerce is organized

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Was published law on the regulation of electronic commerce.

İstanbul news: Advertising and marketing retrieving messages sent to mobile phones under control.
Electronic commerce law was published in today's Official Journal on Regulation of . Law will enter into force on May 1, 2015 . Law , business communication , the service provider and the responsibilities of the intermediary service provider contracts made ​​via electronic communication tools include with their obligations to provide information related to electronic commerce and the sanctions to be applied .
Commercial electronic messages , recipients, but that can be sent with the condition received prior approval . This approval may be taken with any kind of writing or by means of electronic communication . Commercial electronic messages, the sender to multiple service providers without prior approval of the recipients from 10 thousand to 50 thousand TL TL will be given administrative fines. If the buyer in order to avoid making the contact details to communicate with it, for commercial electronic messages with the changes related to the goods and services will also approval. Photo Tradesmen and merchants to be sent commercial electronic messages without prior approval. Buyers often as they wish , no without stating the reasons to reject receiving commercial electronic messages. Photo operators , with subscribers and users in relation to service their own offering , purposes spambots like without prior permissions through the use of electronic communications through direct marketing or sexual content transmission will not communicate. Businesses that can not be found in political propaganda . Requested the ministry appointed by the control elements according to
Law information, documents and books with up to 5 thousand TL than $ 2 thousand to those making electronic records will apply administrative fines . Photo by law service provider , prior to the making of a contract by electronic communication means ; Buyers easily accessible to shape and up to date as introductory information, information related to the technical steps to be followed for the establishment of the Convention , after the establishment of the contract the convention text services provider by whether to store the then the buyer of this contract whether it will be possible to access, and information about whether this access how long established, data to identify errors in a clear and understandable manner on the input and information on technical tools for rectification , if applicable privacy rules and you have to provide information on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms . Photo by Law Service provider , prior to the entry of and payment information step of confirmation of the order , you will pay a total of including cost , clearly visible to the buyer to ensure that the terms of the contract . Service provider without delay that the receiver will receive the order confirmation via electronic communication tools . Confirm receipt of the order and order , the parties will be deemed to have occurred as soon as it is possible to access the declaration said . The regulations for the implementation of the
Act; Ministry of Justice , Ministry of Transport , Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications Authority will be prepared by the Ministry upon .

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