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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 17:58

Elevator accident of the workers are first responders to understand that what happened was

Elevator accident of the workers are first responders to understand that what happened was
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Mecidiyeköy elevator accident that occurred in Maruf workers are first responders , the elevator is malfunctioning , including Aziz Torun was informed of all company officials said.

İstanbul news: Mecidiyeköy occurring in elevator accident first responders workers Maruf is , the lift is faulty Aziz Torun , including company officials the news , he said .
Maruf Eren, workers, participate in events and not reveal the direction printed , said:\"If there is a the price of apartments 10 workers were devoted to our friend would not be dead now , \"he said .
Mecidiyekoy a residence in the old Ali Sami Yen stadium construction lift 10 workers died as a result of gravel . After the events of the first responders to the accident happened when workers are Maruf said.
from Diyarbakir learned that workers Maruf Eren, \"at 7:26 p.m. in with an echo and the sound of explosions as we got up .'s go see what we also see if we do not want a landscape witnessed . Electricity is so immediate attention were afraid . electric control has received then with our hands, we can derive parts have removed . them martyrs because I say an accident at work , but they martyr to reach friends , \"he said .
lift is faulty Aziz Torun , including company officials have stated that the Eren, \"Yesterday Aziz Torun, went on television made ​​a statement . deceased our friends almost accusing . shame , conscience there . I never did have any children . herein friend's two one son is gone. their bodies together was wrapped . moment of death what they thought , but they'll know. O family of the lungs falls apart. God forbid any of our sons or Aziz Torun's son was able to say they were there ? \"he said .
in the elevator all the time from transactions with one momentary faults that said Maruf Eren, \"Rooted no solution . Ali handles already ancient alien handles . Continuous fault that alien handles . Kazan's one reason 31 on the floor so ALİMAR so come Floors 31 to 32 on the connection between so there stop sensor is supposed to be . Costs do not know , but no more than 3-5 billion is one thing. Unfortunately, the lack of due ALİMAR there stalling supposed to stop did not . derailed and direct 32 floors came down . earlier this elevator were very common . at least 10 years machinery them . previously in our friends when re-dropped . however derailment because the parachute exploded. explode because nothing happened. that all company officials news. then 2nd floor fell off , but as we say, because anything to anyone did not happen. then ALİMAR the use of our friends from the hospital as a report psychological treatment was . that incident report after taking the job did not come , \"he said .
other hand, the incident occurred at the time since construction around the riot police and TomAce with large safety measures continue to makes .

Elevator accident of the workers are first responders to understand that what happened was" comments for.


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