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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:31

Eli from Ercis Humanity

Eli from Ercis Humanity
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Municipality of Van Ercis , the BDP Ercis District Branch of the citizens and civil society organizations gathered in the campaign to help Rojav , Sengal and to bring to the citizens of Kopana truck is loaded.

Van news:
Van Municipality led the fundraising campaign in Ercis showed citizens demand . Collected in the last week Suruç loaded onto trucks and sent to you . Zila's Park, created in the tent collected collected aid truck loading work Ercis Council Co-Chairs Diba Sharp, Abdurrahman Cagan , municipal councilors , DBP Ercis organization with lots of helpful citizens attended. Sent relief supplies in the dry food , women and children with the needs of various food materials included indicating that the Ercis Council Co-President Abdurrahman Cagan Ercis people once more human hands needy people extend said. Van Municipality under the leadership launched a campaign to help with funds collected of the first truck was loaded also told Cagan , \"Sensitive people by our aid our victims our brothers and sisters are sending . , I believe Ercis , three, four aid trucks more will bring . Everybody would like to thank ,\"he said .
DBP Ercis District Organization Co-Chair Ahmet sag in his speech , \"Ercis people , participated wholeheartedly in this campaign to help . This wholeheartedly support the bridge , as felt in Sengal Kopana feels himself to our people . In this sense, all Ercis people , who contributed to the relief efforts on behalf of our party to thank all the citizens know , \"he said .
After the speeches, applause Suruç aid was sent off in the truck .


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