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  • 09 Eylül 2014, Salı 09:51

Elif Naz Help Expects to Keep Your Life

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Because of the tumor in the brain and spinal cord in Elazig 3 times in bed having surgery and 1.5 years, 19-year-old who lives depending Elif Naz, waiting for help from doctors to heal itself .

Because of the tumor in the brain and spinal cord in Elazig 3 times in bed having surgery and 1.5 years, 19-year-old who lives depending Elif Naz, waiting for help from doctors to heal itself . Elif Naz, as in the past stood up again to complete their university education in between dreams desires .
5 years nerofibromatozis ( tumor formation triggering disease ) disease occurring , 9 years old , his father died , the 11-year-twice the eye and brain of and 15 years old and spinal surgery on Elif Naz Lightning ( 19), 1.5 years is plugged out of bed to get rid of him will improve a doctor wants to find .
oNE REQUEST return to health
finished high school after brain and spinal cord tumors formed because of the bed to fall as a result of university exams can not enter into Elif Naz 1.5 years is fighting for his life . They live and 5 year disease emerged that explains Elif Naz, first of eye and brain tumors arise , he said. Elif Naz, \"there twice had surgery. Most recent in 2010 in the spinal cord out and walking prevented me . In 2010 , this time from the spinal cord had surgery. Partially paralyzed spent . Physical therapy and again started walking . Past 2 years in my condition recurred and can not walk the shortage was . finishing high school, did the university take the exam would only take the exam did not , \"he said .
from day to day movements restriction noted that Elif Naz, \"now at home without support can not walk . household within the mother is supporting and sink can go . , I want to get better . peers going to college outside are browsing , I go to college outside, you wanna . treatment, here's happening . herein doctors can not do in it go to other places that we have to say. , I looked him up online elsewhere, very good doctors there . treatment necessary conditions for is not here. Ben's health minister , prime minister and president, we want to help . financially help do not wait just my health in terms of want to help , \"he said .
\" EVERYONE sightseeing stroll dAUGHTER LIVES IN BED spends \"
daughter's discomfort to 5 years after learning that many to a doctor , but could not get a result Naguib Lightning representing the mother , \"We can not do anything until the end of the age of the development said. Did not wait for the era of the development of the disease . I lost my wife in 2004 . To deliver my daughter took him to Istanbul and Ankara , eye surgery was the second time . The most recent was in 2010, can not stand restrict all movement has become . I immediately took it to Ankara . Hacettepe was operated on . 2 years have passed, began to walk again . So I took a break for a year in school . I always went with the illness . God, what an experience , and one we know ourselves . Child's condition is not good. Increasingly movements are restricted . Here you can not find the solution because there is nothing to do . We see that there are good doctors in other places , it does not afford us . I just want my child's health . My kids are doing their own needs without the need for me . Anyone wandering around sightseeing , my child is staying inside . Doctors say the time is lost this movement . My child spends all her time in bed . 1.5 years lying in bed , \"he said .
Of the day all the bed undergoing her mother with the help satisfy the needs of Elif Naz, time, read books , watch television and trying to pass . Tangible expectation that the disease itself that the hand wants to extend Elif Naz, 10 prior to the new age will come the day after waiting for a hopeful news .

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