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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:56

Elitaş:\"Solutions from the Process Step Back will Disposal\"

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And Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party group deputy chairman Mustafa Elitaş, said they would take a step back from the settlement process even said they would maintain national unity .

AK Party Deputy Group Chairman and Kayseri deputy Mustafa Elitaş, national unity and the resume they said said they would take back even a step in the solution process .
Party Army Provincial Advisory Council Meeting participating Mustafa Elitaş, yesterday the attack in Hakkari Yüksekova emphasized , would prevent any attack to be made to the fraternity and a step in the solution process indicated that they would even take a step back .
ELİTAŞ: \" will not give up the solution process \"Photo treacherous attack on the martyred soldiers into the heart of the mountains that expresses Elitaş, \"is a nearly two year child suffering what is understood, brother blood balding that , the heart of the main fireproof , my father quarries fire fall out that these developments quickly continued in this process , unfortunately, both inside and outside in his case the results of the three traitors to our martyrs yiğidi to undermine the settlement process we faced as a result showing the meanness . We express clearly that every whatever whoever actually exists in betrayal circle , no matter who he persists with treason , we want them to know that we in this country that the color gets our flag we have established with 77 million ancestors we prevent an attack on brotherhood and take back even a step in the solution process. Because it depends on our growth , our brotherhood , have a say in the world We might depend on our security and stability , \"he said .
'< Strong> PKK SUBCONTRACTING DOING they try to find subcontractors power in the region of the altar do not want to be the active power in the region Photo Turkey Mustafa Elitaş remarkable , \"outbreak in Turkey do not want to have the effective power of the region began to find subcontractors power to be active in Turkey. There is also the beginning of the PKK terrorist organization of these subcontractors. Not certain that the subcontractors who the terrorist organization PKK , whoever gives money serve him , \"he said .
'< Strong> PARTY HAVE 81 PROVINCE Photo opposition parties that Turkey go to every province , Mustafa Elitaş not open organization emphasizes , \"the AK Party in Turkey's 81 provinces. There are 950 districts in the AK Party in Turkey. Under the fingers of one hand where we get 10 percent of the votes in Turkey up , but where over 10 percent of the vote as the number of a handful of others . If we say in Hakkari , Edirne, we say the same thing. CHP leader gives sherbet going rate according to the pulse of the Hakkari . Coming to Central Anatolia there gives sherbet accordingly. Proportion of citizens is trying to create discourse to caress the soul , but now that time has passed , \"he said .
'< Strong> If Kılıçdaroğlu REPUBLIC OF PARTICIPATING IN THE RECEPTION HONOR WINNING \"Photo Kılıçdaroğlu Referring to the decision not to attend the September 29 reception Elitaş \"CHP leader They do not want to participate in the September 29 program, the President of Turkey , though it would be good , but he did not come . if he had come Kılıçdaroğlu just does not take honor in honor of the Republic itself would become an honor ,\"he said. Photo

Elitaş:\"Solutions from the Process Step Back will Disposal\"" comments for.


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