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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:49

Elven Ministers in Mersin

Elven Ministers in Mersin
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Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan , Mersin-Antalya highway looked at the ongoing work .

Mersin news: Minister Elven, Mersin-Antalya highway on the route 22 tunnel is found, 3 of them have been completed next year, the four tunnel completed , he said.
A series to make observations in Mersin, the Minister Farewell , Mersin Governor Çakacak , Mersin lawmakers Nebi Bozkurt and Ahmet Tevfik Long, Highways General Manager Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Highways Regional Director Necati Blackwell and Deputy Assistant Secretary Turkey's Yörükçüoğl was accompanied by .
Road tunnel in on expeditions , the authorities information about the work of the Minister Elven, to the media , said , Mersin-Antalya highway on the route 22 tunnel is found, 3 of them have been completed next year, the four tunnel completed , he said.
accompanying protocol members and workers with ongoing construction of a tunnel for browsing Minister Elven, work continued unabated , said:\"this we have found up and down the length of the tunnel is 850 meters in a row we have a large number of tunnel . Old ways , as you see in the about 6 feet wide, which now have two cars , and geographically difficult with poor roads. Now he will get rid of the road . Our citizens hopefully a much more comfortable way from Mersin to Antalya to travel will find more opportunities , \"he said .
In Turkey in general studies also carried continuously transfers the Minister Elven, said construction work in Turkey's development and infrastructure to strengthen the large importance , adding that \"we have over 2 thousand construction . Approximately 487 kilometers of border to Antalya route we have . This 11-kilometer segment next week, split as the road will open , \"he said .
Next year, the four tunnels and 20 kilometers of roadway than the opening said they aimed Minister Elven, leaving only 50-kilometer portion remain , indicating that this part in the tender preparation that they started adding . Minister Elven, \"as soon as we allow our technical facilities to the extent that we want to finish this route . Thus, even in winter conditions , especially our friends in our tunnel will continue to work . This tunnel will quickly provide our services to our citizens , \"he said .
Minister Elvin thanks to those who contributed in the studies , while also paying close attention chatted with the workers .


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