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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:55

Elvin-Der visiting UAVs

Elvin-Der visiting UAVs
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Elveren People's Association ( ELV's DER ) President and board member of the Jade Gursoy , Ihlas News Agency (IHA) was found on a visit to the Regional Directorate of Samsun .

Samsun news:
ELV-DER President of Jade Gursoy, Secretary General of Seville Bilas , Treasurer and member Reverend Bailey Hagan Leblebicioğlu , UAV Samsun Regional Director Ali Yilmaz visited Ergen authorities . During the visit, President Jade Gursoy, the association gave information about .
ELVIN-der through the efforts of all sectors of society to address the ethics tells Jade Gursoy , \"especially disadvantaged groups seen as society's different for individuals , women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities as problems still our country adequate solutions have not reached . Rights at the point that they want the vital conditions did not yet have the group work towards making their target never'to fish , but fishing'show that set out to an enterprise. lives every era of people rises and falls , according to some lucky compared to some very unfortunate period has been . Life , unfortunately, this period how to live while living teaches. Ahead perhaps unimaginable many events certainly a solution , an outlet , an end has . important thing during this period subject whatever , no matter jumped to be able to . human beings need to fıtratı challenges against other creatures than because it is resistant to the most superior of creation was created. Our main objective One of our voluntary basis of the society to be there and this challenging roads to shed light , our association gives its name we give hands , to share our knowledge , a day for an hour , maybe life in anything much değiştirmesek with them know that we're asking them is , \"he said .
Association for the purpose of addressing Gursoy, \"women, children, elderly and disabled people (disadvantaged people ) to strengthen their all kinds of social , cultural, economic problems to solve , making efforts to produce policies that they need in all areas necessary support and assistance to provide , education , culture, health areas have been established , \"he said.
Jade Gursoy chaired the association's Vice President Canan Kazak, General Secretary of Seville Bilas and Treasurer Hakan Leblebicioğlu doing . board members the Najm Camas, Hanifa Papila Sezen Sword, Mihriban Akyuz , Melike Ersayın and Trust Mustafa Cakir is made .


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