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  • 20 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 09:28

Emergence , drug traffickers lashed

Emergence , drug traffickers lashed
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Birth of singer and actress , lashed to drug traffickers .

Edirne news: Birth of singer and actress , lashed to drug traffickers . Emergence , \"If you use drugs if your friend offers you drugs , you'll paste a direct punch in the face ,\"he said .
Growing in orphanages and street life of a large part of the Nativity of the drug is a bad habit , he noted .'Aşkkopat'filming between the drug made ​​a statement about Nativity , \"Good thing thinking they use there . Streets coming from a man telling . Mothers and fathers of our many responsibilities is falling. Drug Sellers God a thousand kinds damn . Come from there with the money children's bellies been feeding can I say , \"he said.
recently a drug substance explosion draws attention to the Nativity ,\"Students selling drugs who occasionally school in front of the catch. mouths nose is broken . I do not like if I said I'd be lying . you that child poison if income from your mouth broke his nose , ie . have laws that sellers hold got to drive . Actually, our people no longer conscious. former as blind does not stop anyone , \"he said .
\" our Youth how irresponsible you're \"
Noting that the drugs are effective Emergence of friendship , \"If you use drugs if a friend offers you drugs'll paste a direct punch in the face . How do you offer it to me he. Then he will save his friend out of trouble . Avoid use if you have friends . He challenges parents what children are sent to school . Something in the closet and do not take that pension is the apron . Your bag is , the book takes , takes the pen . Our young people are being so irresponsible , \"he said .

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