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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:59

Emphasis on freedom of expression in the opening of the judicial year

Emphasis on freedom of expression in the opening of the judicial year
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The first president Ali Alkan, attended the summit of the state opening of the judicial year 2013-2014 program emphasized the freedom of expression.

John Doe,"History has seen the sad events in different dream were actually exposed and, unfortunately, continues to this day. reasons, do not always interfere with the legitimate freedom of expression, but also to prevent the mouse to the great social negotiation and turn off the roads leading to the floor of settlement."he warned.

"The state monitor, ensure the possibility of thinking that you have to apply to the face, or even in the form of the breast like this should not take a stand."He continued warnings, John Doe,"Democracy, is perhaps the most powerful of different thoughts it is also the potential risk in the direction of hosting. However, this risk potential, with the motive of protection admissions in itself does not make it legitimate rulacak authoritarian methods and mechanisms to bind itself to guarantee the legitimate authoritarian create the cheek. Democracy, political orientation, political consensual based on political and endure. democracy, governance, it does not exclude those close ones as far as not delivered. democratic regimes, not according to the definition of friend-enemy persons or cuts the axis of human values ​​is evaluated.", he said.

2013-2014 judicial year, attended the opening program of the state's top stage has begun. The opening of the Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu ministers attended the meeting. Members of the Supreme Court, the program takes the guests Marriott Hotel was greeted at the entrance.

homage to the opening, the National Anthem, reading the works of a variety of Ministry of Culture and State Polyphonic Choir seslendirmesinin a speech after the President of the Court Ali Alkan Translation. John Doe, at the beginning of his speech expressed his wishes for the year forensic :"2013-2014 judicial year, the rights and freedoms were applied, was abandoned all forms of violence and hate speech, in which people accept differences in each other, achieving the ideal of the rule of law large distances taken steps taken towards a democratic peace, hope to be in the last one year, I open it."

Ali Alkan continued his speech with an emphasis on freedom of expression:" makes one human One of the most important features of the thinking and the ability to be able to express their thoughts. People With these capabilities can be Kurabi communicate with others and develop themselves in every way. Communications ing people understand each other, and that what is good is a very important tool in the design. people to express their thoughts freely and communicate with each other, the creation of the social order itself firmly by the community to ensure the protection of the healthy and right.'s Opinion can freely express each cut, as it is itself will have the opportunity to explain, so that the differences and common aspects kabullenilecek discovered a wealth of living together arguably be enacted reveal the passwords."


people to express their thoughts freely with the Court of Appeals noted that the President of this stage of civilization,"What is it that the dream actually from a different exposure history which has seen the sad events, and unfortunately continues to this day . every interfere with freedom of expression do not legitimate reasons, but also to prevent major social negotiation and compromise the mouse to turn off the roads leading to the floor.communities of people can not express their thoughts freely, and it paid a very heavy price edi expression and manipulation of unseen space demands emerged as a social risk observed in historical experience."he said.

Alkan, said:"A Having thought and conviction, explain it, dissemination and application of the right to a legitimate state within the limits ger çekleşebilmesi accounted announcement audience an idea sometimes, and sometimes allow the provider to power as it is sometimes rin political parties to nominate themselves, enforcement co numda need to be. no event state, the monitor, ensure that opportunities like this in the face of the thought that you have to implement, or even in the form of the breast should not take a stand."

disclosure form of the expression, at least as important as the content that expressed with John Doe,"which can not tolerate other opinions and convictions, even tough contradict dream manca means of expression to demand freedom of expression. racism, violence, hate speech, and with the call not be considered within the scope of freedom of expression, speech and action. recent years in the world of violence and hate speech in our country and has emerged as a form of expression and is widely used as a sadly. violence and hatred of freedom of expression in concrete Did ka authorities against the risk of political and social leaders, and civil society must take steps in a bundle. disclosure and political parties, through the implementation of any kind of thought, as expressed in the Constitution, is an essential element of democratic political life."he said

the Constitution, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience of individuals with inner thoughts, thoughts of the individual to freedom of thought, expression and dissemination of know ede expression, freedom of the press, or incumbent thoughts with the masses, freedom of assembly and demonstration met with more than one person to express their thoughts, thoughts of freedom of association and freedom of life To be a member fits of the transit and the political parties to establish and implement the ideas of self gürlüğünü guaranteed to receive that gold came to power draws Alkan, said continued:"B IREY peripheral intrathoracic primarily be based on the merits of free thinking, to implement the fundamental rights, freedom of religion and conscience. thinking, as everyone wants, or may believe şayabilmesi and in this way is also guaranteed, the idea of ​​conscience and the free development of open society composed of individuals with the freedom to create. these nu provider to perform the editing of free thought in the education system, which is grounded in justification, the need to thought of as a way of life, religion, and removal of obstacles to freedom of conscience, of expression and Apri philosophical approaches to the rim onto the enrichment of free thought will allow the developer to the development of any method to literature, the arts, civil owned legia removal of obstacles to the freedom of thought and doing practice emit is also a requirement."

"democracies risk potential, the authors can justify METHODS pushes"

any of the people in a democratic society you have a sense of having, be it individual or collective rack to express ideas, political parties, civil society and even set up and work through the application of power could pass to life as possible and that there is a legitimate President of the Supreme Court,"democracy, perhaps the most powerful host of different ideas that aspect is also its risk potential. However, this risk potential, with the motive of protection admissions in itself does not make it legitimate rulacak authoritarian methods and mechanisms to bind itself to guarantee the legitimate authoritarian create the cheek. Democracy political preference political, consensual and based on political endure. democracy, governance, it does not exclude those close ones as far as not delivered. democratic regimes, not according to the definition of friend-enemy persons or cuts the axis of human values ​​is evaluated. Te with respect to the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed never far away-near, and the distinction should not mind. democratic society, between people, the people of the state institutions, including government agencies and even the state's own relations with other states,"State Ku gramme ' in accordance with the principle, accountability and the rule of law is carried out, depending on Larina. values ​​of democratic societies, the yatmayla owned, not made up of social acceptance. Persons Become a day they are born with the idea, explaining the spread, and even with the same düşüncedekilerle If applying this idea to be adopted by the society and the community offers a taste becomes a value."

thoughts are with people in order to impose a variety of powers and organizational others tions noted that a legitimate way able to make John Doe,"Unfortunately, the methods chosen to be accepted by others thought owned the worst in the history of mankind, and the terror of the method is unacceptable. purpose through the use of force and violence of terrorism aimed at reaching , all of which explain the rights and freedoms, not possible to be excused."he said.


the end of his speech, terrorism ment and other steps taken in the direction of efforts, but also said that they hope to reach some stark John Doe,"However, the terrorist organization, which greatly enhanced the sensitivity of habits, leaving the terrorist organization is quite difficult to believe that as long as society should not be overlooked."recommending.

legitimate authority of the state and the main organs of the target area and organized violence and force, threats, intimidation and acts of intimidation committed by terrorist action is ri President of the Supreme Court noted,"No contemporary system itself that threatens the rights and freedoms of action and intervention methods will not tolerate them back and will not stop."he said.


Referring to his speech, Ali Alkan domestic violence,"In recent years, these issues and regulations made or taken effective measures were welcomed by establishing new institutions to monitor ground. these positive developments, the problem, the public be said to have been solved to the satisfaction of. Court of Appeals delicate act in this regard, the solution of problems related to domestic violence is a serious case law to contribute."he said.

executive and legislative procedures which shall supervise the legality of the judiciary, with complete independence in the face of other organs in the absence of an effective judicial review can not be stated that the Ali Alkan"Because as long as the rule of law, independence of the judiciary under the level required to be fully realized. One of the imperatives of the rule of law in the impartiality of the judiciary. impartiality, the judge is under pressure, without the effects off, partiality, to make an objective judgment, was the decision by the law and according to his conscience. the judge's independence, impartiality compose the individual guarantee. rule of law, the state's commitment to rule of law rather than arbitrariness of powers, the rule of law within the framework of power is audited by an independent, hence the adoption of the principle of separation of powers, the control will eccrine button will control mechanisms against the best we need to have sufficient and requires that the independence and impartiality."he said.


Rights and freedoms not only by means of an independent judiciary, have moved into the first connection of the highest level of trust stated that the constitutional norm Ali Alkan"In this context I would like to express is important to note that Turkey is not a constitutional amendment, based on social consensus There is a need for a new constitution based on rights and freedoms. sandy handling robot to the community in making a new constitution, which all the political parties in parliament, no matter what the excuse, to agree on certain issues only carry out the changes, making the new constitution does not eliminate its obligations to its bulk ma. Anaya salar, prepared in accordance with universal norms are not instantaneous events, the reactive approach, only the basic principles establish regulations contain detailed form, and include a brief text. Otherwise, replacement and renewal of the state itself as a parallel to the rapid changes in the world difficult."the assessment found.

Supreme Court Bar Association President, then President of Turkey made a speech text Feyzioğlu. Opening the program will then visit Ataturk's Mausoleum and garlands to leave the judiciary. After the Parliament Pool Garden are 'Criminal Year Opening Ceremony' will be given.

Emphasis on freedom of expression in the opening of the judicial year" comments for.


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