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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:31

Employment of Disabled 93 percent in Gaziantep

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Turkey Got Confederation President Yusuf Celebi, 2014 Disabled Public Personnel Selection Examination ( EKPSS ) points to be taken by the civil servants of the quota for disabled persons increased by 13 thousand , he said.

Turkey Got Confederation President Yusuf Celebi, 2014 Disabled Public Personnel Selection Examination ( EKPSS ) according to the score as civil servants will be disabled for the quota thousand 13 people more beefed said.
Disabled civil service of the quota of 3 thousand 138 to 4 thousand 151'e due to upgrade are extremely pleased that Joseph Chalabi, the private sector running on the number of disabled persons also asked for an increase .
Turkey Got Confederation President Yusuf Celebi, disability on employment following statement found:
\"Public on the number of staff has been detected . relevant public institutions vacancies the State Personnel Department to have publicly announced . our window our hearty number of staff was not . State Personnel Department reported to the number of permanent staff of 3 thousand 138 , respectively. these numbers Turkey Confederation of Disabled People as satisfy us did not . because employment is important for everyone , though it is very important for people with disabilities . we believe it . because disability does not take the bread of the day means to increase his suffering . This number would be insufficient, we visited the officials of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security have said . We said this would be insufficient staff . Therefore, this assignment is an assignment right now to make sure that we communicate that the number should be increased . This is the result of our consultations . This is the number of three thousand 138 was announced by Minister Faruk Celik and number was increased to 4 thousand 151 . Although the number of digits in good faith that this is a hearty , good faith with the Minister of Foreign Affairs will continue our expectations . The number of workers in the public sector we had requested from him . This 4 thousand 151 people to public office that is intended only for 657'y . The public about the workers in the sense Mr. Minister we we soon a good figure description expect . \"
In Gaziantep employees with disabilities employment numbers by 93 percent stressed that Chalabi, a description with the following words continued:
\"I Gaziantep's politicians I congratulate you . In Gaziantep , including the private sector and other government agencies provided 93 percent of disabled people are employed . Pistachio , really gave importance to disabled people . In some countries this figure at this level is the ? None . We know that the province of Gaziantep example . In some countries, in fact no longer be the speed of the disability quota disabilities , people with disabilities rather than an unobstructed to talk about quotas as productive and healthy individuals need to see that . \"

Employment of Disabled 93 percent in Gaziantep" comments for.


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