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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:00

Emrehan AK Party Candidate Announces Candidacy

Emrehan AK Party Candidate Announces Candidacy
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AK Party candidate for Mayor of Fethiye Ali Osman Emrehan which, his candidacy was announced at a meeting held at the district office.

Muğla news: AK Party candidate for Mayor of Fethiye Ali Osman Emrehan which, his candidacy was announced at a meeting held at the district office.
AK Party District Chairman Arif Bozyel, in his statement,"AK Party now Fethiye Mayor Nominated for the official who attended a total of 6 units nominated and have a friend. Hopefully Fethiye us and our country would be better for. potential candidates Our Ali Osman I wish success to those who come to Emrehan way,"he said.
AK Party Provincial Vice President Sadi Pirc also,"Ali Osman Emrehan brother of our many years in politics have served in the past years late Turgut Özal worked with and Ozal's Eyup District President has done, the next process, Prime Minister municipalities during the presidency of his advisor was well as in Istanbul Provincial Assembly was a member. Himself town's that in every environment and every occasion constantly tell. himself this moral courage congratulate. Muğla Province in the 13 unit district Mayors issues our work in the last stage has arrived. Prime Minister weekend Mugla our city and Fethiye our district is located in between some County our will realize that during the visit of our candidates disclosure expect. candidate nomination process after who as a candidate persists, we nominated it to our friends, we believe that our party successful will represent. Fethiye District Corps of our 16 thousand 250 units registered members are. therefore Fethiye Our Organization is really enormous is an organization. We AK Party as a community mayoral win we will fight for. AK Party municipalities where there is how the great service done if I hope Fethiyemiz from these services will suffer. We are what our friend candidate regardless of the candidate nomination process of candidates from which our friend our candidate is our"he said.
AK Party Fethiye Mayor Candidate Candidate Ali Osman Emrehan said,"We are the world and the Hereafter will be brothers. anywhere When we go to one someone else you are asking recognize how you'd know him well say. we here for it came. I reign authority'm not here. mayor what pin barrel that I know very well. A mayor in a place was found, authorities, while maintaining there on the sidelines, in one corner, a nook eye on the elderly, the helpless, the impossibilities in one sad way waiting for you if the whole world loved it oppressed ah you what it does can you imagine. Ben this ah thinking I came here. Running, flying Fethiye Municipality's executive chair, wondering did not come. Our friends with you if off better distance you can get, obstacles more easily overcome the problems more easily, we can solve told me this faith came. We are a mission temsilcileriyiz. these missions in 2002 in Turkish political life appeared. these missions Turkish nation happier and more peaceful to do. Turkish state, stronger and more powerful to do. Turkish nation more friendly, more fraternal lived in peace to the mission was. these missions in Fethiye us uygulayabilirmiyiz he came. roads, water, electricity for the garden, not a one of us brothers to meet, party, whatever the ethnic Whatever identity from which area, regardless of which province he can form a brotherhood atmosphere here,"he said.

Emrehan AK Party Candidate Announces Candidacy" comments for.


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