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  • 15 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 10:52

Endometrioma Chocolate Cysts And Healing Methods

Endometrioma Chocolate Cysts And Healing Methods
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Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Assoc.

Ankara news: Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Rana Karayalçin , in recent years the incidence increased endometrioma (chocolate cyst ) and treatment modalities related to \"chocolate cysts ultrasound images is fairly typical and experienced gynecologists easily preliminary diagnosis can put . After this stage, cyst size, cyst wall thickening , the presence of the cyst cavity grows into whether there are and Doppler blood flow parameters , \"he said . Ankara
Acibadem Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Karayalçin Rana , endometrioma (chocolate cyst ) and gave information about treatment methods . Karayalçin , \"Endometriosis of the uterus found in every month and the influence of hormones and changes which endometrial tissue due to various reasons the uterus outside is found. If this tissue ovarian fit within the verse every month to bleed and grow , causing thick , melted chocolate that looks like a viscous liquid containing the endometrioma (chocolate cyst ) which we call the cysts turn into , \"he said .
\" iN THE COMMUNITY women of reproductive age in the incidence rate between 5-10 percent \"
endometriosis is a common disease, indicating that the Karayalçin , said:
\"In society women of reproductive age in the incidence rate between 5-10 percent is . however, to conceive difficulties ( infertile ) in women 25-30 percent as high as that present a common health problem. world at 157 million women affected by this disease are . still do not know the cause of this disease . according to one theory during monthly periods by the backflow of blood through the tubes due to take profit is made . In some patients, the blood cells in the stomach is not cleared by the immune system , begins to grow . These cells initiate inflammation leads to disease progression . Adhesions between organs in the abdomen occurs . Which we called endometriomas in the ovaries , in view of the melted chocolate into the fluid-filled cysts occurs. In some patients with endometriosis may have no symptoms , but in many pieces before and during menstruation , sexual intercourse , or pain in the lower abdomen becomes independent of the menstrual period . Other findings ; conceive the problem or during the examination detected ovaries chocolate cysts . \"
\" Many auxiliary TEST AVAILABLE EVEN THE DOCTOR PATIENT'S COMPLAINT OR RESULTS AND endometriosis who may suspect \"
endometriozis about Karayalçin , \"while there are many tests help the doctor with the patient's symptoms or signs may suspect endometriosis . Definitive diagnosis of endometriosis surgery to be seen with the disease and is confirmed by histopathological examination of the tissue . The most important tests to help diagnose pelvic ultrasonography , magnetic resonance imaging , in suspicious cases , tumor markers , in which the most widely used CA 125 levels in the blood are monitored and pelvic examination . Chocolate cysts are fairly typical ultrasonographic images and experienced gynecologist can easily pre-diagnosis . After this stage, cyst size, cyst wall thickening , the presence of the cyst cavity towards the growth of whether and Doppler blood flow parameters are examined , \"he said .
Endometriosis diagnosis and treatment of laparoscopic method widely used , indicating that Karayalçin ,\"During the process, the extent of disease is determined , are graded according to the degree of disease progression , if there are adhesions opens the tube functions are evaluated . In the presence of chocolate cysts ovarian reserve if the patient's pain by trying to reduce the removal of the capsule , controlling bleeding and ovarian process is completed with the reinstatement . Meanwhile, another focus in the abdominal cavity , these foci are destroyed by cauterization or removal methods . Laparoscopic surgery cosmetic results to be excellent , abdominal incision scar the absence of post-operative rapidly everyday life running smoothness as many benefits are available , \"he said.
\" Endometriosis Abdominal organs in each other and in the uterus cause them to stick AS normal anatomy causes deterioration \"
endometriosis patients to become pregnant have no problems in relation to the Karayalçin , said:
\"Endometriosis abdominal organs in each other and uterus adhesion , causing the normal anatomy of the degradation causes . Focus Endometriotk ovulation , embryo development and embryo into the uterus of a negative impact on the factors that settlement produce. Chocolate cysts can also prevent getting pregnant . First 6 months after surgery, self-improvement is the highest chance of pregnancy . This period can not be achieved pregnancy after assisted reproductive technology and pregnancy can be achieved . In the absence of the child requests birth control pills , and sometimes GnRH analogues can be used in different time periods to reduce the recurrence of endometriosis . The right improvements to the findings of endometriosis patients , the prevalence of the disease , the patient's age , the desire to conceive and to the side effects of the drugs used are individualized therapy . Pain relievers can help in reducing pain . Birth control pills reduce pain , but they are not suitable for patients who wish to conceive . Hormones that stop menstruation longer be used because of side effects . This drug is not suitable for those who want to become pregnant in . Progesterone orally or used in the form intrauterine device . The treatment plan for the patient's age , duration of inability to conceive , according to assessment of ovarian reserve and her husband's sperm is made. Stand-surgical treatment of ovarian stimulating drugs , vaccination, treatment and IVF applications are treatment options . \"

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