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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:12

Energy Giant Austuryal for Waste from Energy Production in Turkey

Energy Giant Austuryal for Waste from Energy Production in Turkey
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The world leader in BioEnergy International AG, an Austrian bioenergy , moved to invest in Turkey.

İstanbul news: Turkey opened its office firm municipalities and to provide biogas and electricity to be produced by setting up waste processing facilities for private enterprises. In accordance with biogas and biodiesel plants
need setups , market and technology leader in the worldwide center B Austria-BioEnergy International AG , in order to increase the effectiveness in Turkey market with action geçti.bioenergy International AG , spent after France office opened at the end of 2013 the activities office in Izmir, Turkey . BDI-BioEnergy Turkey General Manager Honor Stone, said that the company decided to invest in seeing the future of bioenergy in Turkey. Photo TURKEY Each year 30 million tonnes of waste PRODUCE Photo Honor Stone ; Including municipalities and industries to produce biogas in Turkey, stating that there are two major sources, \"the formation of the local supplier industry for municipalities and will establish for investors biogas and biodiesel plants , we also aim to contribute ,\"he said .
Year 25-30 million tons that municipal waste is collected as mixed emphasizing said Honor Stone said:\"this amount of 10-15 million tonnes of having the capacity to produce biogas . also the food in Turkey , agriculture and livestock sectors based on the existing very large production capacity , but for the waste from this sector bioenergy and biyoyakıtçözüm not converted to invest evaluated adequately . in this case , we look at the positive side, a significant investment potential and results along with renewable energy supply-brings environmental benefits . bdıbioenergy International as AG in these assessments and the development and strengthening our existing position and activities in Turkey , to municipalities we have decided to be close to the waste generators and biogas investors. In this sense, we believe that physically it would be important to choose an element of our being active in Turkey market. \"Photo PLANT SET UP IMPORTANT Amates BUSINESS TO KNOW ONE SO IMPORTANT Photo of Turkey's most preferred biogas and biodiesel technology that they expect to bring to the supplier of Honor Stone said:\"Biogas plant of the operation of the functionality of the plant lifetime of protection and facilities to operators on behalf of managing the variability that can occur in the process of trait now how transfer, monitoring of plant performance on a regular basis and after-sales services of maintenance and repair services a to set up facilities so precious it is to give our customers as long-term promises BDI and decided to incorporation in Turkey in order to keep our promise we have established bdıbioenergy Turkey. BDI since its founding in 1996, well and waste products are specialized in the development of technologies that enable optimal use of processing resources on an industrial scale and within the company executed within the research and development activities as a result has had a very extensive patent portfolio. BDI itself \"Wasteto Value-Waste to Value \"and understanding of waste vegetable oil and animal fats such as has been developed for the production of biodiesel from different raw materials , however , municipal waste, food industry, efficient plants producing biogas and electricity from agricultural and livestock sector waste constitute . \"

Energy Giant Austuryal for Waste from Energy Production in Turkey" comments for.


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