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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:00

Energy Saving Discussed in Bursa

Energy Saving Discussed in Bursa
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Bursa industrialists discussed the efficient use of energy .

Bursa news: Photo BUSIAD organized by \"efficient energy symposium\"was admitted to the efficiency of the lighting desk . Symposium efficiency , new technologies in the field of lighting quality and cost dimensions were discussed. As a speaker at the symposium from Uludag University Professor Dr. Etemoğl John Akin , Istanbul Technical University , Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil and Özyeğin University Assoc . Dr. Prof. Mehmet Arik speaker as speaking in katıldı.aydınlat and innovation issues . Dr. Mehmet Arik, \"in recent years, began to invest in SMEs and large-sized companies in lighting in Turkey. Small enough to say no The number of companies producing their products in Turkey. We especially have to make new discoveries in innovative ideas that capture the western countries geçebilel \"he said . another expert who participated in the symposium , Prof. Photo Dr. Akin John Etemoğl \"This far from production to consumption in the symposium we want to feel that what we can do in each area. According to the information given by the literature, then the heating and cooling systems, lighting We have a huge loss. These losses are aiming to improve . Energy and energy efficiency of our common issue. In homes and work places savings can be made in two different ways. you save money if you can put one of the two lamps and interests less money out of your pocket , but this should be achieved through productivity gains . We tried to explain that they made ​​with the appropriate technology. We can catch El unity and big goals with small steps , \"he said . Photo by Prof. Dr. SERM is Onaygil , \"Energy efficiency in lighting was on the agenda. Productivity studies led to very forefront. There are several significant advantages compared to other lighting of the LED ,\"he said . In Photo BUSIAD President Gunay Baylor said, \"Energy and raw material importer countries each after the boom years are faced with growing current account deficit . this is a big issue. the steps taken in a broad framework as scientific and objective , multi-rollover benefit from solving problems. I can say that this situation is not sustainable. view in which our country is in this context today. electricity generated in Turkey almost is obtained from natural gas half. Therefore warming seems to be a serious energy supply in the HACRA . Price increases, political risks, such as finding energy affects us every time economy. Current slowed energy imports in Turkey's economy because of the deficit is around $ 56 billion . Currently our environment with efficiency and economy the way It is critical that we win potential . Energy efficiency is today no longer assessed as the sixth fuel . Legal arrangements for the creation of energy efficiency culture in the country, must be supported by the state of elements such as the energy efficiency incentives and tax breaks , \"he said .


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