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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:17

Engine İpekoğlu, in Fethiyespor

Engine İpekoğlu, in Fethiyespor
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PTT 1 In Fethiyespor League teams coach after the resignation of Mustafa Walnut running the latest Denizlispor'da İpekoğlu Technically directors agreed with Peters.

Muğla news: PTT 1 L iG teams Fethiyespor technical director Mustafa Walnut leave the task after the last Denizlispor'da running Technically director Engine İpekoğlu agreed with.
Fethiyespor held on the premises of the signing ceremony coach Engine İpekoğlu and Fethiyespor Fethiyespor President Ismail Ozturk, as well as managers of Okan, Uysal Ismail Turk, Wisdom Selcuk, Ramazan Kaya, Mehmet Basoglu Soydemir and Ismail also attended. İpekoğlu, the ceremony itself in 2.5 years to Fethiyespor colors binding contract was signed.
Fethiyespor President Ismail Ozturk, in his statement, Peters İpekoğlu sports public place in particular, stressing that"Personality is also obvious. Our club so Her personality and successful teacher with strong momentum will increase. we two and a half years for the process agreed. in May congress but speculation for lack mentor our long term we made a deal. Hopefully our club will be good. currently in the league, we arrive he will give up you're not. Teams cluster fall may occur. we Fethiyespor Club never considered relegation will. Fethiyespor of relegation will. Fethiyespor planning short-and long-term're doing. no time to give up being a party going. Our teachers and administration a right way to hold this team in the league will keep. then next year the structuring of the by performing Fethiyespor work of I'll keep creating as at the summit,"he said.
to prefer Fethiyespor recognition in the 10 years of President Ismail Ozturk indicating that the role of the İpekoğlu Engine, Fethiyespor work in unity and solidarity of the board of directors to be effective in the decision, he said. Target to this day efforts a little more, increasing the team to achieve successful results would be to ensure record İpekoğlu,"This team PTT 1 L ig to deal with major problems have attracted. So PTT 1 L ig to remain in the technical committee as our duty. this regard, we'll guide. football in practice it is. Ben current staff I trust. Currently dipteran are. Arrivals nowhere else to none. Now we will all result us up the escalation will. Wednesday Fenerbahce match do not count. But behind four matches footballer of our intensive efforts by winning effort will enter into. we shortage to resolve're here. Technical committee these difficulties to a minimum download the first 4 games we will, with scores an output capture We are planning,"he said.
Team supplements you want when asked İpekoğlu,"Transfer is currently bringing up no meaning. Ben to the staff I trust. 4 matches played after the transfer if we do we do,"was the answer.

Engine İpekoğlu, in Fethiyespor" comments for.


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