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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:16

Engineers Gold Sound Advice to Candidates

Engineers Gold Sound Advice to Candidates
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Gaziantep University ( GAIN) who has a new record this year for engineering students , the University and the Faculty of Engineering faculty held a meeting in order to introduce the sections .

Gaziantep news: In GAIN
Sporium (GAA Sports Complex) at the opening of the meeting held and the popular appeal to students of the Faculty of Engineering , Dean of the GAA Dr. Mustafa Bayram, now available for engineering students then start a new process , he said. Professor Dr. Feast , \"We think differently can make the difference innovative engineers want to train . Each one of your own self-confidence with your knowledge and your own experiences with your life look differently and which add value to the people so that you can have to work hard . University , we prepare them for life which is an important process ,\"he said .
in particular, Gaziantep university Faculty of Engineering , Prof. born from a university that emphasizes Dr. Feast , \"This university Faculty of Engineering of the property and the place is always different . Faculty of Engineering of the university the largest laboratories are and is the cornerstone . University-Industry Cooperation is very important function is . These faculties is a member of this family as members of where to be aware I'd like to . now no doubt hear that Turkey can be read at the best faculties're coming along . Faculty , infrastructure and superstructure , with labs and the library , with the teacher team strong as a faculty all over Turkey known , reputable there are a lot , saying, \"GAIN Engineering graduated from the Faculty of being in Turkey, the provision is too large , he said.
\" in the preparatory class a YEAR vERY WELL CONSIDER \"
Gaziantep University, other universities apart from some features indicating that the Prof . Dr. Feast , \"Our faculty of all courses all English education makes . Because engineering all over the world currently prevailing language is English. An engineer in English does not know life is very successful is not possible . Technologies language now is English and 41 years on the faculty of this training without interruption for the English language as makes . preparatory class for an engineer most important class is one . because English is here you will learn . Preparatory a year of your very good reviews. good language if you know the course, your always are successful. Occupation in your life always the foremost engineers is one of the can . this is for you gold It is like a bracelet , \"he said .
also provided updated information about the Faculty of Engineering at the meeting , Prof. Dr. feast ; they apply \"internship application \"only at Gaziantep University , noting that students want to use this opportunity was a very good way . Associated with their profession to prospective engineers sectoral magazines, periodicals , which calls on follow Professor Dr. After talking to feast GAIN Faculty of Engineering, Faculty Secretary Mehmet İşbilir, was to inform students about legislation and regulations .


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