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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:43

Enjoy skiing at Mount Stars Begins

Enjoy skiing at Mount Stars Begins
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Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Salih Ayhan viewed over their work on Star Mountain.

Sivas news:
Study tour of the then Ayhan Secretary evaluating the work in the region , said the Stars in feverish work put forward , provided that their hands seasonal conditions stated will continue this rapid process .
Star Mountain Winter Sports Employment Tourism Center is to Ayhan stated that the tender for the staff , \"ski specialist, snowtrack operator, we will begin the recruitment process of a technical staff consisting of 26 people , such as technicians. Erciyes with consultancy services we received under the agreement we made ​​with aS will launch an educational process in both these areas as well as our plant we make ready for winter during the service as promised . after signing the protocol of our 26 staff there next 8 staff will be employed here will train for 1 year. of course, made ​​sacrifices in this context, our goal is to ski in Sivas , have fought for decades, our knowledge friends who specializes in coaching and a common way to draw maps using their savings . Our biggest goal is to make our facility can handle in a healthy way . However ; The Stars quickly continued the construction of facilities for day trips , the winter period the plant can not catch up to the possibility of provision being made a prefabricated building of 400 square meters . We want to accustom this winter here as well Sivaslılara's feet to see ourselves here . \"He said.
Star Mountain , Hot Çermik-airport for a new road project will link Ayhan indicating that the study, existing roads and alternatives thereto may be parallel on the work that is done, he said raising the standard of the existing road. General Directorate of Highways and the Ministry of Development as a result of negotiations with the Warm-Çermik-Star Mountain path of Ayhan , promising that in the investment plan , \"Star Mountain, a transport now but the standard is not high . Of course, whether such a facility is spending way too low of 75 million pounds is not a desirable quality . In relation Defense Minister Mr. Ismet Yilmaz initiatives necessary negotiations with hot Çermik-Star Mountain road connection point was made . Now , in an interview with Ministry of Highways General Directorate and Development Hot Çermik-Star Mountain connection it was decided to take the tourist road network. Work will continue step by step . Our first priority in this is to improve the quality of transportation facilities subject to the Star Mountain. There was no way in which Yakupoğlu-Star Mountain. But we opened high a nice way standard today 12 meters wide. \"He said. The snowed
Stars Ayhan indicating that they are in the effort to create the necessary infrastructure in case , to the track in 2015, the facility was heralded in to set up the artificial snow system. < br/> that the shortage of resources, if needed Ayhan stated that they will do everything necessary to ensure that , \"We hope that this year I hope it snows, we pray. If you make an investment of 75 million subject to spoil it , but not able to remain idle here. We will do a study for the artificial snow system in the year 2015 here . We will establish a water pool . He will establish artificial snow machines to all runway center took some water pool. Advanced technology , we also have the opportunity , we have the capacity. We will fight for money. The architect of this topic followers and National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz is Mr . He has pursued this business since the undersecretary period . Our lawmakers also have great support and we have no trouble until now about the money . We think we live in . Thus, in 2015 to a situation such as snow will establish the artificial snow system. Our track with the establishment of the artificial snow system will be in accordance with international standards. \"He said.


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