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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:35

Enjoy the holidays were Basaksehir

Enjoy the holidays were Basaksehir
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Founded in Basaksehir sacrificed in the field of modern bandsaw cut their victims in a hygienic environment with citizens, enjoy Eid was .

İstanbul news:
Başakşehir Municipality established in the 1st Stage of modern citizens in the field of sales and cut the victim sacrifice rituals were performed in a clean and safe environment . Başakşehir in the area of 126 tents set up in the 1st Stage , 9 cattle escaping the mobile sector units as well as a professional animal capture time to catch animals was established. Also experts in the field of veterinary , muftis and dietitians services offered to the citizens .
Order to slaughter the citizens , while awaiting the cutting sequence , making breakfast at the table with relatives on the other hand , established bayramlaştı . Modern bandsaw with the animals cut to the citizens , hygienic conditions, conducted in part after the sacrifice of took over.
Veterinarian Erhan Vineyard, feast for citizens to serve in the area would be stated , animals and live-examination that they both segments may occur during extreme cases against be prepared , he said.
PRESIDENT Uysal , with citizens bayramlaştı
Başakşehir Mayor Mevlut Uysal Eid prayer , then, the victim cutting area came to the citizens bayramlaştı . President tame the victim cutting area with the service of citizens said they wanted to spend more peaceful Eid . Uysal, \"This previously have prepared the feast day rush to get less . Beautifully cut our places we've created. Citizens where our order cuts while waiting for their relatives in the bayramlaşıy ,\"he said.
Basaksehir sacrificial es area who prefer the citizens satisfied with the service they expressed. Citizens stating that they come from the surrounding counties , the victim's job should be done by people who know better , so I came to this area , he said.


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