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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:20

Enjoy the Taste of Home Breakfast

Enjoy the Taste of Home Breakfast
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day .

Adana news: Especially on weekends , the best way to start your day enjoyable . Breakfast on Sundays where there is no rush job growth , profit becomes a pleasure in itself ceased to be a hearty meal. Nişantaşı, Bebek Cafe \u0026 Restaurant , which is located between arbitrary addresses their first choice for those who want to live in . Photo is primarily the reasons of choosing by Adana enjoyable and connecting it to a safe children's area Nisantasi Baby Cafe \u0026 Restaurant operators Güngör Gene and Ayse Gul tell passengers , \"comes to the people here a pleasant Sunday with their children breakfast. Kids here while playing on the playground in the presence of supervisors and animators , parents can also spend quality time without the behind the eyes . our priority is to accommodate our customers in the best way ,\"they said. < br/> \" EVERYONE Savoury SAME NOT \"Photo talking about the quality of the products they use Güngör Gene , \"in our culture , the importance of Sunday breakfast too big. Because Sunday is the most important day of the opportunity to spend one time the whole family . the breakfast we prepared our case, we are trying to show the requisite sensitivity to deliver a family environment. All of our products we use very high quality and very rich breakfast menu . I Avoid customer service a product that does not meet the tasting I find the quality and taste . We keep plenty of variety for which we address in general . As a result not the same with everyone's palate . Our success I think it caused , \"he said .
\" A PRODUCT we TRIAL hope AL \"Photo Products shop said that they get themselves trying himself over Güngör Gene , \"is the purchasing departments of all businesses. But we do not have our purchasing department . We take our products with Aysegul Hanim . Olives, in which we hold the trial until the cream cheese do not receive any product site. Our income from Antioch special salty yogurt . Our concentrated whipped cream and fruit come exclusively from Istanbul. We make a special Stuffed dumplings and ravioli. Do not mix this style dishes to the kitchen. Already two staff accompanied us to the construction phase provides the necessary checks. Taste for us is very important , \"he said .
\" Our priority OUR CLIENTS PEACE \"Photo \"We are producing alternatives to here pleasant flavor , \"said Gungor Gene and Ayse Gul Söylemez passenger , said the speech stormed:Photo \"People are coming here for us to feel peaceful themselves before the meal. We believe that we do our best to offer this peaceful environment . We do not act on anything ambitious . People are already leaving satisfied when they come here. We actually do not do anything extra. We only offer a very high quality of our service . We earn for our quality service we provide . \"


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