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  • 26 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 11:41

Enter the Healthy New Year

Enter the Healthy New Year
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Special Diet and Nutrition Specialist Hospital Sani Konukoğlu Ayalp Ceren, healthy eating guidelines need to be changed on the night of the New Year, said:"If you use all day fasting and consume more alcohol,"he said.

Gaziantep news: Special Sani Konukoğlu Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Ceren Ayalp healthy eating guidelines of the New Year's Eve also should not change, said:"All the days of fasting and if you use alcohol, consume more,"he said.
New Year's Eve on the nutritional recommendations contained in the Ayalp a new year's new hopes, plans, dreams mean, he said.
"They say a new year how If you meet all year so you'll spend. You mentioned that taking into account the new year on the night in what you eat, the inner ones take special care of all your year fit and healthy now get"he Ayalp, he continued:
"new year outdoors or at home with their loved ones who want to celebrate their programs sumptuous meals and hearty meals do take place. Moreover, this special day alcohol use, drink in the dose a little can break out. Yet healthy nutrition guidelines December 31 on the night must be changed. During the day, a meal too without overloading the morning, afternoon and in the evening, in equal volumes menus to consume must be careful."
especially in the evenings more nutrients consumed by calculating the days of the regular diet of the greatest possible error be one of the striking Ayalp ,"morning, starting all meals necessarily regularly need to be taken. because in this way until dinner, our metabolism slowing down and decent energy spending we received the digestion of foods to get help. these days also essential in dribs and drabs and frequent meals,"he said.

with chronic disease to the WARNING
with chronic disease, especially high blood pressure, heart and people with diabetes of the New Year's Eve in eating especially should pay attention that the emphasis Ayalp,"Very greasy food more amounts of food, excessive alcohol consumption, salted nuts and more to miss, especially high blood pressure and heart disease in people who have a very important may cause problems. Tension suddenly rising, brain hemorrhage and heart attack increases the risk should be noted that"testimony gave.
only chronic disease sufferers Not healthy people too oily food, nuts, sweet and uses alcohol consume too much should be reminded that the Ayalp, he continued as follows:
"prepared food a wide period of time should be consumed certain time intervals too much food should be eaten. Dinner or appetizers at oil and vegetables mainly to be, dried fruit be consumed less, drink excessively used and instead of dessert fruit Selecting a healthy new year will keep you."
Binge eating after consumption of coffee, soft drinks or soda for indigestion to help rather than waiting careful eating voters would be right saying Ayalp, soda and fizzy drinks sodium-rich and that high blood pressure in people with hypertension even more elevation might cause should not be forgotten, he said.
evening of 31 December too to dine in the day eating of extremely bad behavior be underlined that the Ayalp, following warnings were found:
"open all day the person suddenly too much eating, this behavior-existing medical problems as well as increased, indigestion and gas complaint also causes an increase. new year to all of us and our country health peace, bringing prosperity wish our New Year's Eve and later relaxed and in good health for the following points to your attention I want to draw:Christmas Day meal jump. every meal low in calories from the food you try to eat. private dinner table hungry sitting, 2 hours ago, soup, salad or fruit, such as food and eating suppress your hunger's. was Christmas Eve meals slowly, in small quantities and wide at a time try to eat. empty stomach take alcohol. Alcohols with the extreme nuts consumed Avoid. chicken or turkey meat as food too greasy to do, the skins separated eat. rice, like fritters baked foods instead of vegetable dishes, salad, mayonnaise appetizer rather than less mayonnaise with yogurt and vegetables made from appetizers prefer. heavy dumpling eating their try not to. less severe dairy desserts and fruit desserts prefer. the best choice if the sweet fruit instead is to eat."

Enter the Healthy New Year" comments for.


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