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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 13:41

Enthusiasm in Bor Primary Week

Enthusiasm in Bor Primary Week
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With the start of the 2014-2015 Academic Year boron elementary Week was celebrated with various activities .

Niğde news: With the start of the 2014-2015 Academic Year boron elementary Week was celebrated with various activities .
Celebration program , Bor District Governor began with a wreath laying ceremony in front of the building . Ceremony , District Homage front of the building , the reading of the National Anthem and the District Directorate of Education through the adoption of a wreath ended.
Honorary Kirti Boron Elementary School in celebration of the week continued in the garden . Program , Boron Governor Abdullah Small , Bor Garrison Commander Conqueror Dagli, Bor Mayor Sıtkı Erat, Bor District Education Director Celalettin Özüdoğru , corporate chiefs , school principals , students and Bor People attended. Following the reading of the National Anthem Homage and District Education Director Celalettin Özüdoğru indicating the significance of the day with a speech touched on the importance of education .
Said Özüdoğru ; \"2014-2015 academic year at the beginning of a total of 71 schools , one thousand 040 teachers and 13 thousand 227 students and academic year have started . Primary importance of education's most important asset is our children stems . Because our children new worlds to open its doors to education , especially in primary education are in need . our future is our children , our country needs the trained manpower to meet the specifications for growing all the possibilities we offer you are striving . educational activities within the indispensable elements are mainly teachers, educational administrators and parents in advance to a debt of gratitude I know , \"he said .
in his speech addressed to students Özüdoğru ; \"You guarantee of our future , which is the most valuable varlıklarımızs you . Our country will carry on tomorrow , more powerful Turkey's foundation stones to throw their beloved yavrularımızs you . Now keep in mind that , to you , this country's heirs, not the actual sahipleris you . We of you in the best conditions of education so you can see all the possibilities we offer your services all physical and our resources of you in order to give you to use a duty to provide taxpayers . however from you at our request our age the circumstances already in preparation is to help . this in our students is primarily researchers have available to them all information queries , big-thinking, thoughts confidently express and stated that they again with confidence that can fulfill people grow as is necessary . this will ensure that at present them almost like a paste and knead valuable our teachers . Consequently, the \"hands kissable teachers \"statement is very true as an expression that has been said . Great nations are teacher training and guiding them . Our teachers for the challenges of the new world , and according to the conditions of our time would educate our students will live in them and I firmly believe they will grow based on new conditions . These feelings and thoughts , all of our students , our teachers , our parents , Elementary Education Week Celebrates the 2014-2015 academic year, the district and our country would be good I wish, \"he said.
Program , District Education Director Celalettin Ozudogru's speech after by students poetry reading , school graduates Feyza Güzin Iron's memory to the program invited to share with , again prepared by the students shows the submission of continued. primary week celebrations Honorary Kirti Middle School Music Teacher of the poetry recital ended with .

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