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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 16:40

Enthusiasm Independence in Tavsanli

Enthusiasm Independence in Tavsanli
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Tavsanli my 92.yıldönü of liberation from enemy occupation was celebrated with a ceremony at the Republic Square .

Kütahya news: Tavsanli my 92.yıldönü of liberation from enemy occupation was celebrated with a ceremony at the Republic Square .
Governor Numan Hall, Garrison Commander Mehmet Uğur Abaci, Mayor Mustafa Guler, the Chief Public Prosecutor of Ramadan Murat Tiryakiler the apartment managers and the public with the participation of Hunting and Shooting Club by sela accompanied the invading forces representing the black flag instead to send a hoist Turkish Flag began.
silence and the National Anthem ceremony continued with the reading of the significance of the day in a speech made ​​Mayor Mustafa Guler . Guler, \"in Sakarya starting İnönü'de ongoing Dumlupinar and Kocatepe world war on an expert team of nations admire a heroic saga reached its peak on September 9 Anatolia, all of the enemies desalted a Happy hiking blessed victory at the same time Republic of Turkey officially birth ... this struggle heroism , filled with struggle. Ottoman Empire in 3 continents provisions of driving approximately 50 year period, the National Pact we'd call in the withdrawal together with the land on the living , but to say that the land is the only state one nation one-Flag ideals of its constituents to obtain different branch of the different denominations or members of , but Anatolia lover of people heroic epic which has experienced a year . this sense we Tavşanlı people this victory the same thought, the same feeling load density and the same happiness Republic of Turkey, within the boundaries of every citizen living like we are living in , \"he said .
ceremony Mehmet Erdem has read Sakarya Song poetry continued with .
Tavşanlı Municipality with the support of established Hayıtlı Services Foundation Janissary Band with the Public Education Center Folk Dance performances after the governorship front of the building art exhibition with the opening ceremonies ended .

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