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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:14

Enthusiastic welcome to Erkoç

Enthusiastic welcome to Erkoç
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AK Party Deputy Chairman and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described as a candidate for Mayor of Kahramanmaras Fatih Mehmet Erkoç was warmly welcomed in his hometown.

Kahramanmaraş news: AK Party Deputy Chairman and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described as a candidate for Mayor of Kahramanmaras Fatih Mehmet Erkoç was warmly welcomed in his hometown.
pass the night in Ankara Erkoç, today made his return to the city by road. Guided thousands of people gathered around the bridge, Erkoç accompanied by drums and flutes were welcomed with love. Approximately two thousand vehicles where the welcome program, the party addressed the Erkoç on the person by the interest shown try to be worthy, he said.
Selection then bus ride tour of the city that Erkoç citizens saluting Mehmet Akif Ersoy Cultural Center has passed. Here, too, the party of applause accompanied entered the hall Erkoç Kahramanmaras Mayor Mustafa Poyraz and former mayor Ali Sezal by meeting congratulated.
The program party addressed the Erkoç,"Thank God my Lord, this great civilization's ancient city of the metropolitan mayor candidacy has bestowed on us,"he said. Nominating offer gratitude to Prime Minister Erdogan himself Erkoç himself left alone to the members thanked the organization. Erkoç, said:
"We sleep will. Ourselves to our city consecrate, we will first be your servant will. These great civilizations of the ancient city rightful place, the powerful Turkey's largest pearl of Turkey we will make. Only the central district, but village and the hamlet, with the county with our shoulders the responsibility we feel each of our people will be next. Their troubles our problem we will know. them more beautiful, more happy, to bring a more prosperous life to lead and Kahramanmaras our sample demonstrates one of the cities will try to make. Kahramanmaras for our crazy projects, large projects, undreamed projects encounter will. Allah's leave current squad in the capability to do so there. Ben, 10 years Over our city serving Mayor Mustafa Poyraz thank you. Hopefully this next period, Kahramanmaras deserved projects always together to bring will continue."
Speaking at the Mayor Mustafa Poyraz the since 2002, the third overall pick, two local elections and two referendum lived recalled in this process, the AK Party organization within the working honored, he said. Any time of the day's political developments and movement voicing Poyrazlar, said:
"Day siyasilik of the day polemics, with morning, noon and direction of displaced people have not. Authorities passion particles miskal so God is my witness that this chest you have not. Mr. Menderes Turel me 'prime minister and another friend on the road you want to continue from the moment myself, I examined the lord knows me the slightest thing. Fortunately hundred whites entrusted got you this far. Ahl conscience that no one with us about' the nation's property seven, the nation did not serve, following the did not, did not do it"can not say. Course this account the day of resurrection data. because this crop from the people who belong to 2,5-hole penny has not passed. Now these relics to deliver time has come. I the Conqueror our brother in this process, wish you every success, our services where we left to sustain the hope that ."
assigned to the AK Party provincial chairman Mehmet Akif Kamal at work during the selection process is done by specifying a decent atmosphere, all 95 candidates for municipality stated that candidates admitted to the organization. Prospective studies to determine after the completion of the work even more momentum indicating that they would Kahveci, local elections the best results by taking leave said they would.
Then, Erkoç, northerly and organization members going on stage together family photo taken.

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