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  • 11 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 12:47

Enver Yucel:"Classroom Distance Learning Makes You Want to Convert to Open High School"

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Contacts in the UK Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions (BUEK) Chairman Enver Yucel, distance education classrooms who said they wanted to convert to open high school.

Londra news:
BUEK President Yücel, England's capital, London Apple's Vice President of Education met with John Couch. Bilateral negotiations on the issue of classroom education system in Turkey and laid on the table. Apple held talks in London at the European Centre Apple's Turkey Director also attended Wool Res. Speaking at the meeting, John Couch, Apple's legendary CEO, Steve Jobs, for example, starting from Bike Wise technology 21 century in the training talked about the importance.
Couch,"access to information is no longer knowledge of how effectively use the future to be important in an epoch., Steve Jobs of Apple when setting up the purpose that was exactly. people's strong skills them to explore the mind, pushing the boundaries in the world to live in. ensure that contribute to the development of this combination is the most important element,"he said. Couch also Enver Yucel's educational vision with Apple's vision-one is identical and that with Apple Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions trained together all over the world exemplary work accomplished stressed that.
After the meeting UAVs assessment found in BUEK President Enver Yucel Apple's Vice President of Education John Couch important to develop a strategy meeting that they are doing and have a nice conversation expressed. Couch in Turkey Bahçesehir college they related to exchange ideas describing what they Yucel,"It's was a meeting, we did what we told. Education Vice President John Couch is Apple's educational vision long shared with us and to us that what we have done, Turkey 'in educational, Bahcesehir College to those in related appreciated Offering an article conveyed. then our work together can walk said,"he said.
he, too, Couche in Turkey of private tutoring transformation in relation to the open high school called hybrid model, with examples of how to do tell, and that the transformation of distance education makes clear high schools they want to do, Apple also support them ought to be noted that, Yucel,"Couch, all kinds of support offered by us will need vision, as well as educational approaches in the world, with important examples shared with us that said.coming days about Turkey, re-training technology on the use of important developments can be said,"he said.
BUEK President Yücel, Apple's Country Director for Turkey Resen Yüner also attended the meeting, said:"with them this do share what we have and a pretty serious was meeting. We in Turkey and Bahcesehir College, the need Ugur Preparatory High Schools, and new will establish an open high school called a hybrid model of the infrastructure with Apple could do've said,"he said.

Enver Yucel:"Classroom Distance Learning Makes You Want to Convert to Open High School"" comments for.


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