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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:41

Environmentalists call from the lawyer to the Governor of Manisa !

Environmentalists call from the lawyer to the Governor of Manisa !
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Izmirli Environmental Lawyer Arif Ali Zhang , Soma about midnight cut olive trees , Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas'have a legal status'words ,'Do not miss the contrary, are in a state of law .

Manisa news: He olives nothing to prefer that I would recommend'he said.
Manisa Soma in the district Yırcalı and Denis villages, Kolin Inc.'s thermal power plants to build 200 olive trees in one night , cut it saw villagers Manisa protested in front of the state governorships come . Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas the midnight cut olives in the middle \"legal've got a situation \"comment was made.
İzmirli Environmental Lawyer Arif Ali Zhang , Governor Bektas descriptions replied urged:'Middle legal not the case , the law escape from have become . Without the knowledge of the villagers rush expropriation decision is given. Expropriation decision in a hurry , even without notice to the owner on the court \"precisely\"gives the confiscation order . Then the company is turning olive groves wire mesh , per guard is putting at midnight, the trees are cut .
Urgent expropriation of peasants are open to the Council of State's decision regarding the cancellation of execution even in the case is expected. Now we can talk about what law ? There is no legal status , Yırcalı the forced confiscation of their property are in a state of Denişli . Moreover, two thermal power plant added a third lest they are made. Citizens resist what else is staying . It also challenged if the Constitution Article 56 of what will work.
Mr. Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas , indeed the law of the state governor want to Council's decision until the olives protection or law or anything to speak up , shut up . I also prefer olive anything I would advise him not to .'

Environmentalists call from the lawyer to the Governor of Manisa !" comments for.


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