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  • 24 Eylül 2013, Salı 16:02

Erase the memory gene was found!

Erase the memory gene was found!
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Scientists have found the gene that removes the memory, now may be able to get rid of bad memories.

scientists who found the gene that removes the memory, the memories of this gene in the stimulation of the unutulabileceğini suggested.

Memoirs of scientists who found the gene responsible for destroying, in the stimulation of this gene suggested that unwanted memories can be deleted. This method can be used for the treatment of trauma and addiction.

scientists who found the gene regulating the destruction of memories soon, memory pills improved wiper said. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have discovered a new gene, called Tet1 memories to make room for a new take on the task of deleting old ones detected. To intervene in the achievement of this gene that researchers will be able to forget unwanted memories Andrii Rudenko, this discovery can be used to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, he said.

"This method not yet been developed. However, again in the future is to interfere with drugs. Although it is difficult to predict how they will handle these drugs at the moment, I would say it would be on a pharmacological stimulus Tet1'i trigger. Now to find the stimulus,"said Rudenko said that this treatment could also be used to defeat dependencies.


the experiment, one group of two mouse gene Tet1 not interfere with this gene in mice in the other group were left disabled. Rats conditioned to be afraid of a special cage, then again he was placed in a cage and observed behavior. Tet1 lived in fear of mice with the gene is disabled, the mice cage activity of this gene acted afraid of solitude. Rudenk,"Tet1 gene bearing mice can not forget, for unutamadıkları öğrenemiyorlardı new things.

activity of this gene in mice, however, managed to forget the memories of horror. This showed us that the normal gene Tet1 opens space for new employees to delete old memories creatures. But which can not be made a conscious choice of the moment will be deleted. The next step will be the target gene by interfering with specific memories,"he said.

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