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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 22:39

Erbakan , Turkey And Discusses Recent events in the world

Erbakan , Turkey And Discusses Recent events in the world
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Necmettin Erbakan Foundation Chairman Fatih Erbakan , adding that al-Qaeda after staged a new play by Isidor , \"using the ISID , Syria and Iraq to divide , separating the pieces there are seeking to establish puppet from Kurdistan ,\"he said .

Malatya news: Photo 54 . Government Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Fatih Erbakan Necmettin Erbakan's son ,'Turkey and the recent events of the world'gave the conference. Malatya Necmettin in Congress and Culture Center Erbakan Foundation Malatya Speaking at the conference held by the Branch Erbakan , \"Late in the day President of the Islamic Party in the Kurdish region in northern Iraq , the legendary leader Sheikh Osman's nephew , our brother Islamic movement in northern Iraq , brother have visited me .'Zionism is not idle , northern Iraq and Syria to the north will be the puppet of themselves Kurds are doing their best to establish a state , \"he said . they divide the Sudanese official . Libya de facto divided not officially today the case. Iraq officially divided into three . Today objectives Syria also divided into three , fragmentation , flour is not in the slightest. 100 years ago, when washing the Ottoman , before us were split once and smashed . they create artificial boundaries drawn with a ruler . Today, 100 years after conducting a further step of the plan , us even smaller pieces , as in the expression of our Erbakan'Zionism's easy to swallow that'to make small bites can be swallowed without clogging up your throat and continue to take the necessary steps , \"he said .
\" Al Qaeda DEN aFTER a NEW gAME sCENE to put them \"Photo Erbakan , Al Qaeda then said adding that staged a new play by Isidor:Photo \"over the years El Qaeda he did a bogeyman. This Al Qaeda , they were put to use in the way they want through their own agents. And thanks to Al Qaeda have recruited a large number of works from its own M.p . The invasion of Iraq and the division into three parts , the invasion of Afghanistan , however, behind the United States and numerous M.p , such as enhancing the repression and persecution against Muslims in Europe , Al Qaeda said they carried out their own produced by revenge . Today the same outbreaks now , they're putting more scenes like a game. They are creating a new Al Qaeda. Isidor they bring against us . Now what M.p the pursuit of the process who science by Isidor that this new off ? \"Photo \" They want to reach the BIG ISRAEL TARGETS \"claims to be working to achieve the great Israeli targets
Israel that Erbakan , \"Israel , our Kurdish brothers of world Zionism peace , peace,such a goal may be to have an independent state they live in prosperity? He thinks it may be just assincere good faith ? Of course not . Their main goal , before the establishment of Kurdistan there is a puppet that they can use as they wish ; This Kurdistan , in south-eastern Turkey , northern Syria and northern Iraq to join , followed by the ultimate goals are to reach the large Israeli targets . Therefore, using the ISID today , Syria and Iraq divide , separating the pieces there are seeking to establish a Kurdistan puppet . PYD and heavy weapons to whether there peshmerga , giving training to use tanks , where they want to establish a puppet of Israel towards Kurdistan , which is a big step as they deem necessary . In addition, in Turkey, they want to make the necessary arrangements for it , \"he said .

Erbakan , Turkey And Discusses Recent events in the world" comments for.


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