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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 13:39

Erdogan, Estonian President Holds Press Conference Ilves'l

Erdogan, Estonian President Holds Press Conference Ilves'l
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To hold official talks with Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves'l the President performs his Estonian counterpart Erdogan at a press conference , \"Peshmerga a group from the PLA , 200 people agreed to come .

Tallinn news: Image for talks with Estonia , President Erdogan Estonian counterpart Toomas Hendrik Ilves'l performs at a press conference , \"Peshmerga from the PYD of a group of 200 people to arrive agreed. Least ago I received information this number to 150 reduced ,\"he said .
Erdogan at a press conference , said , \"This year, Turkey and Estonia diplomatic relations between the commencement of the 90th year . Such a significant period of this visit have taken place , I believe our bilateral relations much more will develop . these steps on the basis of 1 December 1924 thrown friendship treaty step lies . Turkey Estonia for no occupation , no annexation until now did not recognize. and the Euro-Atlantic institutions of our countries, they share a universal, humanistic and democratic values ​​among us friendship also is the foundation . today, both bilaterally as well as between the delegations that we have made in talks in detail this to address issues opportunity we have . Political , military, economic, commercial, all these issues we evaluated , \"he said .
\"TALLINN'< strong> located in the NATO Cyber ​​Defence Cooperation Centre of Excellence WHAT positive outlook , our CONTINUE \"
his support for Turkey's EU membership of Estonia de emphasis Erdogan,\"Estonia's European Union accession process has given us support expressed herein can not go without . In it personally and on behalf of my nation I would like to convey my gratitude . Occurring in our region, particularly in recent acts of terrorism issues , including Ukraine , Iraq, Syria, all had the opportunity to address them . Measures to be taken against the terrorist organization could be what had the opportunity to interview them . International peace, confidence and stability to protect them talked about what we can do . Keep two NATO member countries from Afghanistan , talked about our other responsibilities . The importance of solidarity as members of NATO allied countries had the opportunity to review once again . As you know, the president's number just in Tallinn, which have been referred to the NATO Cyber ​​Defence Centre of Excellence for Collaboration continues to have a positive outlook and will assess it in a short time . This points to conclude by where our union as well so able to strengthen , \"he said .
\"KOP NEW' YE WILL Peshmerga NUMBER 150 Reduced to \"
Erdogan Ilves'le in a press conference , \"The important thing off with a trade volume of 2013 were $ 456 million . At the end of this year probably will be a little bit more we have an increase in the volume of this trade . Of course, it soon will to restore $ 1 billion in trade volume I'm seeing my dear friend . The number of tourists arriving in the country from Estonia currently around 50 thousand . 6 flights a week between Istanbul Tallinn is currently being done . What they see as an important destination of the Estonian central district of Alanya, Antalya Gazipasa Airport will no longer have to Tallinn flights . Indeed, the summer of 2015 probably will be moving much at this point , I think. In particular, the following visa issues between us from the moment we got in from Turkey and Estonia in Tallinn next to other great destinations centers will increase our citizens think . This is between our peoples trust will further enhance , \"he said .
Kobani'nin now be Peshmerga about the number in the comments Erdogan, \"As you know already , as I mentioned , we count on Obama , especially here should be preferred Free Syrian Army could first degree , second degree may also Peshmerga he said. Subject in the subsequent development of the Peshmerga a few days after the arrival of a group of PYD up to 200 people acknowledged that . According to information I received just now , this number was reduced to 150 . Free Syrian Army, the PLA adopted in 1300 has stated that the relevant departments and relevant as our moment , this is how it should be transit route are negotiating . Free Syrian Army by us about the area transition point is already a problem we do not have this positive approach we also told you before , \"he said .
Russia and the Crimean Tatars in the comments about the Erdogan,\"Above all, the Crimean Tatars for the Russian Federation we recognize that the steps have taken more've said since the beginning , and now we say we define it . And on this issue will continue to provide all kinds of support . Estonia has been given to the Crimean Tatars would like to thank for their support . Putin primarily to discuss them first and foremost to invite themselves . Because such events in this century through diplomatic channels to maintain peace and resolve in favor of security , \"he said .

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