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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 01:15

Erdogan:Brotherhood who want to sabotage the process remains under a scourge

Erdogan:Brotherhood who want to sabotage the process remains under a scourge
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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the sensitivity of the solution should be showing everyone about the process, otherwise it can not remain one under vebalinin said.

Prime Minister,"who sabotaged the process if the Brotherhood remains under hardship. everyone for the continuation of the process should be the utmost precision,"he said.

Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan with the Siirt in Istanbul Golden Horn Congress Center, attended the closing ceremony of the Days. In addition to the ceremony, Prime Minister Erdogan's deputies, Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydın and numerous guests. Prime Minister Erdogan following the folk dances of the region of Siirt, then made a speech.

In his speech, the Prime Minister in the assessment on the agenda,"The solution of all these investments, along with the process of walking. Fraternity who sabotaged if the process remains under a scourge. Everyone for the continuation of the process should be the utmost precision. Allah's leave 1000 year move forward with the tradition. Someone that is why the others run off. violence there, not fists, clenched hands, the flesh is not a need to begin the process. Hopefully will bring any solution of the question. together to prevent this, each aimed at sabotaging the gereceğiz chest. approximately 2.5 years, Syria in the process, is experiencing a very bloody. 100 thousand people lost their lives. most recent massacre in Damascus, the use of chemical weapons in some neighborhoods has increased in size. Turkey have made great efforts to attract the attention of human tragedy in Syria,"he said.

"tyranny CONSENT TO TYRANNY persecution OLUNMAZ ECJ"

used chemical weapons against civilians in Syria in Damascus on Erdogan criticized the administration,"chemical weapons, of course, very important, but the importance of 100 thousand people Does it worth to us? They can not? They Can we not remove the sound? Remember, you consent to tyranny tyranny. Cruelty abad and make. either will intervene in our hands, or tongue will intervene, if we can not, or they'll ice my heart. UN silent , contented himself with watching the human tragedy. UN refuses to step engraved in the history of mankind as a black mark. UN five permanent members will never imprison between the two lips is not democratic. democratic. 1 World War II, such a condition that he will be a decision taken . youth has launched a campaign, the world is greater than 5. I support this campaign. authority given to me by the people I need to do a country of 76 million people. Egypt, we see the same thing. need to hear the voice of conscience. Want killed by snipers as he Esma 's die. their bodies with bullet scar lies somewhere in the offspring. then not pale bodies. want the UN to take steps for the UN to stop the bloodshed, I said that we support each step to be taken in the event of absence. Assad regime pulled through and can live in action should go to the country,"he said.

have experienced the honor of being the first in the Siirt deputy Erdogan,"Yigit kalkarmış from falls. Siirt Mayor of Istanbul made a speech on the occasion in the city that had taken my Presidency. municipal areas of my presidency, I think it is However, when I'm in Siirt deputy there again for sure how heavy it is realized that the cost,"he said.

Erdogan:Brotherhood who want to sabotage the process remains under a scourge" comments for.


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