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  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 22:34

Erdogan:\"The idea is to honor the Drop Necip Fazil Today I understand Better \"

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, \"The idea for the ordeal of Necip Fazil are also extremely important concept idea of honor .

İstanbul news: When the mistake was accepting the mistake, but he knows right well never give up with an idea of ​​honor . Currently, blowing from the bow to every wind that determines behavior according to their interests , yesterday said that unless refer to the avoidance of saying the opposite Necip Fazil and his past away I understand better the honor idea that legacy today , \"he said . Tayyip Erdogan Photo President Recep Star Newspaper'the conference \"Necip Fazil Awards 2014 \"held by the introduction ceremony. Golden Horn Congress Center in a ceremony President Erdogan, as well as his wife Emine Erdogan, Minister of Education Nabi Avci, Culture and Tourism Minister Omer Celik, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, the AK Party Provincial Chairman Aziz Babuşçu , Star Media Group Chairman Mustafa Karaalioğlu , poet Necip Fazil trough poet with his son Mehmet trough , author, research and idea people who attended with guests . TV announcer Beyza Hakan Özek the presentation starting ceremony , poet Necip Fazil trough'Sidewalks'continued with cinevision representation of the poem . Minister of Education hunters who were invited to the first podium ceremony, in his speech , \"Dear Mustafa Karaalioğlu talking , master's memory of actually saying we can not have in accordance to date this neglect or the largest share of the delay I could not help thinking that it has the Ministry of Education , \"he said . On the Hunter applauded the words, \"Now I know you're here , that's negligence ovation . Knowing that you applaud you be aware of this omission I hope 10 years, particularly in the social sciences in our high schools , adept in religious high schools miss as it is to keep the youth of the yeast , but that was not enough of it , you're the master of our whole education system longed to Turkey worthy young people we work knowing that there must be the foundation to grow , it was a complete master of a worthy length of a sentence, I want you to know , \"he said . Photo Hunter,\"I wish God have mercy . I guess little thinker , phrase thinker deceased's favorite has signed such a success . today , including our President's first each of us when we go through all of the staff governing Turkey has passed the selection you master all of these staff , it we all know they were breaking the service to bless this place . I wish mercy therefore to God. he really masters still much loved by the phrase a If the summed word, could probably appeal vasfedil with words. Appeals man was , and he challenged the nation's very history of objections was a much needed twist. At that time, everyone's everything easily say yes in that period period'No it is not it'had not said a Necip Fazil Turkey today could have been a very different place , \"he said .
Then invited to the podium , President Erdogan, regulating the award ceremony of the lyrics and awarded writer observed , began by thanking the poet and thinker . Erdogan, \"a great hope , love , love grows , death , science and go as he goes to the wedding to love a modern dervish said, I congratulate Hussein Atlansoy . Loneliness , death , alienation , which opens a window , that window of hope , love, and I congratulate our young writer looking to the future in the same way Nuray bayonet . Mimar Sinan peak of our civilization reminds us , history and Necipoğlu Gülru kucaklaştır again today , I congratulate our esteemed academics was awarded this prize. A book with love, our culture, providing a unique contribution to our civilization , and also to the younger generations by educating students treasure owned congratulate the transfer of academics our Ismail in the same way our Erünsal teacher, \"he said. When praising Photo Author Nuri Pakdil'in President Erdogan,\"Necip Fazil Respect Award should be given first when asked whom I think everyone thinks it will . Even the salutation'Folks you anti-fascist , anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist , and my antifiravonist feeling'he who'must be clean at the very heart of the human'I congratulate especially dear Nuri Pakdil'in , \"he said. Photo Erdogan,\"There is no doubt in Turkey , Turkey wherein the culture , art and ideas of life had need of such a prize. Personally, I find this award is extremely important and meaningful . Turkey was changing , Turkey residues chains , shackles and getting rid of the narrow mold of the culture of art and it was time to get rid of the idea that plagued the tutelage of life itself . Turkey and the world poets , writers, given numerous awards on behalf of the thinker . When you see certain patterns that many of these award stage , the assignment of certain ideological spectacles , we see that haunts him can not get rid of the guardianship . Not only in the award of prizes , incentives , favoritism of the supports , that inhabit a particular community in a particular environment, and we are witnessing can not . Here Necip Fazil Awards primarily to destroy this narrow trough molds, art and culture to oppose the guardianship of the world , art and ideas that will hopefully even eliminate the give and take that dominated my understanding . These awards are the intellectual pressure , I sincerely hope that an appeal against the enlightened tutelage \"he said. Photo poet who praised the Necip Fazil trough President Erdogan,\"Think of sentences, words are , at a time when the implementation of the most severe printing letters heroic come forward I have can say. Now that I can say I have then there is Turkey . In fact, there is no one where I can say it was a confidence monument . Look and listen to some of them may have not read his poems and writings. But I believe the ideas we have today , action, upright posture and self-confidence is the result of the struggle she gives. Today if yesterday's downtrodden , oppressed , ötekileştirilmiş , she says I got my politics, justice , in that there is struggling to manage the impact of self-confidence is instilled Necip Fazil . Today, if local , national values ​​that overlap with writing poems , novels, writing stories , this one has the effect of posture if Necip Fazil films made ​​. Today if Turkey is a certain segment of the silent masses, peasants , provincial , ignorant , bigoted he face of those who insult'my ass who are you'believe if you have a courage and confidence that can say this one Necip Fazil has a huge impact \"in the form he said. Photo Erdogan, \"The idea for the ordeal of Necip Fazil are also extremely important concept idea of honor . Even I have to say the following . When the mistake was accepting the mistake, but he knows right well never give up with an idea of ​​honor . Currently, blowing from the bow to every wind that determines behavior according to their interests , yesterday said that unless refer to the avoidance of saying the opposite Necip Fazil and looked legacy today he took in the past I understand better the idea of honor , \"he said . Photo Erdogan,\"Here's the latest one output , wrote in an article for the future of the state secular forces were invited to take responsibility. Now 7 years ago racist working class life without a knowledge of right from him to someone else'military mission'he was going calls. Refer to the vicissitudes of time that someone does not recognize the right to life itself in the same way in the same way as racist minds today invites us to task forces for the future of the secular state . If there is the idea of ​​honor , or morality , or the idea of the human spirit at work in such extreme stops rotating . One day you look became enemies of the state , one day you look at doing coups . One day you look at the dove of peace was , doing teröristlik throwing stones into the hands of soldiers have taken one day you look . One day you look complains of racism, racial haters begging blow from one day to see you himself . However, I never meant a single person . Refer to Turkey in the last 12 years you will see there are many such examples. The most extreme ideas to honor the idea of ​​common interests and ideas when it comes to how you will see they have established alliances aside . Necip Fazil like her predecessors teaches us that ethics is not wrong every fight , \"he said . Photo Erdogan has been switched to after the award ceremony speech . Necip Fazil Poetry Prize Hussein was awarded Atlansoy . Atlansoy to award Necip Fazil trough son Mehmet trough was presented . the Necip Fazil Story prize was awarded Bayonet Günay. the award Bayonet invited to the scene of Istanbul Metropolitan was presented Mayor Topbaş. in Opinion Research branch Prof. Gulru Necipoglu with Prof. Dr. Ismail Erünsal award was awarded . Necipoğlu and was presented the award by the Minister Erünsal hunters. Photo ERDOGAN , PAKDİL'< strong> IR standing LISTEN Photo Necip Fazil Awards Nuri Pakdil'in the author was awarded the 2014 prize. was presented the award Pakdil'in President Erdogan. who were invited to the stage Pakdil'in , gave a speech before receiving the prize. showed Pakdil'in listen Erdogan Pakdil'in standing during the conversation. Pakdil'in , then the award to President Erdogan's hand . Ceremony , other names ended with the award winners will be invited to individual scenes .

Erdogan:\"The idea is to honor the Drop Necip Fazil Today I understand Better \"" comments for.


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