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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 12:17

Erdogan:\"We have confirmed our Turkmen Moving Toward Common Vision of gas to Europe via Turkey \"

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President Erdogan came to Turkmenistan for official talks , Turkmen counterpart Berdimuhamedov'l joint press conference , \"the Turkmen gas via Turkey in our conversation we once again confirmed our common vision for the transport to the European market ,\"he said .

Aşkabat news: Photo Erdogan told reporters at a joint press conference , stated that they discussed many issues with Berdimuhamedov, \"showing hospitality , I thank my party hosted and on behalf of my delegation . One of my first official visit after taking over my presidency the line in Central Asia, Turkmenistan is our brother , the first'a'm happy and excited to do it. Berdimuhamedov to the number you may well know visits and bilateral , as well as we welcome Turkish Council Summit affiliate occasion in our country in kind contributions due in August recognition ceremony handover in June. we carry this year, mutual President level 4 visit . we had friendly and efficient interviews as well as today's meeting our precious brother number Berdimuhamedov'l always . passed bilateral meeting our very very efficient . after this process so far between Turkmenistan Turkey have found how to process them an opportunity to assess , \"he said . Photo Turkmenistan la noted that they talked about the Turkmen gas transmission to Europe via Turkey Erdogan, \"Of course, very clear, what I have to say something . In particular, the project so far they have installed a total of 42 billion Turkish contractors in Turkmenistan . Turkish firms have been installed in such a project on the development of infrastructure and the superstructure was also very serious subject Turkmenistan contributions. Therefore, I would like to thank our successful contractor. However contractors in Turkmenistan would like to thank our dear brother and deceased Turkmenbashi Berdimuhamedov to provide this facility in your presence . Our country was built on shared values ​​between and said spans a wide range of cooperation and especially our brothers really Berdimuhamedov that we can not ignore the spirit of solidarity that has buildings on the brotherhood . Overall , we found that we were in unanimous. In this've gladly Moses. Our cooperation in the transport and energy fields adds a strategic dimension to our relations with Turkmenistan . Especially to be discovered in this area and I think it is important that a potential waiting to be realized. Central Asia via the Caspian Sea to international markets in terms of connecting Turkmenistan with special and important position . I believe that this area will contribute to the realization of important projects of regional cooperation . In our discussions of Turkmen gas via Turkey have once again reaffirmed our shared vision for the transport to the European market . We think this area is extremely important for the development of regional cooperation , \"he said .
\"TURKMENISTAN'< strong> La ISTANBUL PROCESS FORWARD TO BE NEAR AND DIALOGUE IN COOPERATION We are in \"Turkmenistan commercial relations in Photo Erdogan description stating that they want to further increase , \"After the press conference with my brother Turkmenistan especially valuable in meeting our businessmen are going to do , we will address them . I hope we will take our steps accordingly in determining a direction there . The trust they have shown in our company , including the subject first president of Turkmenistan management believe that it will continue to increase thereafter . Our trust-based approach in raising achievement graphics here every day company never without exploiting themselves as not only the company but also Turkey, the Turkish nation should keep in mind here that a representative mission . Our trade and economic relations continue our joint efforts to fully use the existing potential , we are in a consensus on the issue. Today we attended the opening of the dear friend with Turkey Turkmenistan Business Forum. Of course, especially with us next Airlines, in both Turkmenistan and visit different firms diversify their point was that we purchase. Because the terms of the increase of people coming and going between us at this point we care about fusion . Only Istanbul Ashgabat or Avaz not , at this point, Antalya, I believe it will be important for the growth of commuting by the replicate Ankara here , \"he said . Developments in Photo Afghanistan Erdogan told also on the effect of Central Asia , \"likely in Afghanistan security and stability in Central Asia, the development needs to be adversely affected . We are in close dialogue and cooperation with Turkmenistan in Istanbul process , mainly I want to specify. Continuing her successful political and security transition process in Afghanistan , to combat the problems faced last 13 years significant progress with the support of the international community . There 10 days before my visit to Afghanistan we have dealt with this issue. Review had the opportunity and known next year as stable Assistance Mission there will start working and stable Assistance Mission to the US , mainly in Turkey and Germany besides , Italy a quartet countries chain of approximately 12 thousand people a mission, until 2016 there security they will continue the process of the case . All matter , especially this terrorist threat from Afghanistan is also able to recover as soon as possible and peace of mind , to ensure the internal security . This subject not only for Afghanistan , but to neighboring countries, indeed the future of this country will be providing a peaceful environment will be taken under guarantee . On progress with the reforms carried out under the leadership of Mr Berdimuhamedov of Turkmenistan are really pleased with us considerably. I'm looking at doing it again last day of my visit to this day have been serious changes here . It is significant that in each of these changes coming and going . Indeed, to see the differences between developed since the last arrival in Ashgabat are really happy that we have also . I've heard really proud of the record that I have ever seen a tremendous improvement Ashgabat almost turned into a shining star . Common examples of historical and cultural background of the area has been gaining strength in recent years in Turkey-Turkmenistan relations and reached a specific level . Relationship on the basis of our ancient brotherhood ties being able to upgrade to more advanced every 2 sides to strengthen our cooperation we have observed that it is a common desire to once again welcomed. Our two brotherly countries , I believe that our cooperation and solidarity can move forward than Turkey and Turkmenistan today the relationship , I greet you all with love and respect , \"he said .

Erdogan:\"We have confirmed our Turkmen Moving Toward Common Vision of gas to Europe via Turkey \"" comments for.


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