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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 00:29

Ergen Erdoğan two questions Gülben

Ergen Erdoğan two questions Gülben
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White TV prepared for the Prime Minister " Master Story" documentary Gülben Adolescent soranlardandı the question.

Gülben Ergen, a documentary directed the Prime Minister two questions. Prime Minister Ergen Erdoğan looks like a huge impact on their children know the name of the famous singer.

Shots Serkan Şedele'nin two questions in his documentary Gülben Adolescent backs.

I'm happy to ask questions YOU

famous artist, the Prime Minister, Children Gülsün He raised questions about the association and the concert venues:"I, as a citizen, as a mother of a president of the association, and I am very happy to sorabildiğim question ...

GÜLSÜN FOR CHILDREN What do you think

First of all thank you very much for that. every time we meet with you, we've got such a tight tokalaştığımızda, mentioning the names of the sons themselves, and how they soruşunuzdan trunk of his car every time he laughs kids toys containing the occurrence of a Prime Minister who Encouraged by the awareness of the importance of pre-school education, so far 14 kindergarten children Gülsün association that he would like to ask what we think about.

Rumeli Fortress IS NOT

Now let me ask my question to the second, as an artist. Mass communication is very important that, as a leader of the masses as spectacular concert Rumeli Fortress areas may come together to do one at a time What do you think about? We are very sad, very sad about the listeners.'m wondering your opinion. Again, thank you."

Ergen Erdoğan two questions Gülben" comments for.


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