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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:00

ERGİAD hosted a business delegation from Bangladesh

ERGİAD hosted a business delegation from Bangladesh
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Erzurum Entrepreneurial Businessmen's Association (ERGİAD) hosted a business delegation from Bangladesh.

Erzurum news: Erzurum Entrepreneurial Businessmen's Association (ERGİAD) hosted a business delegation from Bangladesh.
Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre in Turkey Businessmen and Industrialists Confederation (TUCSON) organized by the"19 Turkey-World Trade Bridge"attended a meeting of Bangladeshi businessmen in Erzurum views found.
Erzurum Palan Speaking at the program held in the hotel Eastern Anatolia Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association Federation (DASİDEF) Secretary General Halim Gokce, 19 World Trade Bridge 15 Bangladeshi businessman who attended the meeting said they met with. World Trade Bridge program participating firms various cities in Anatolia in the talks stated that the heavens,"The World Trade Bridge and this year one thousand 450 foreigners, 500 thousand domestic business man joined., 25 thousand bilateral business meeting was held. $ 30 billion goodwill agreement has been made"said
Erzurum Entrepreneurial Businessmen's Association (ERGİAD) President Hasan Ozdemir, World Trade Bridge is predominantly agricultural and food sector, said a businessman from 130 countries attended the meeting recalled. Turkey-World Trade Bridge in Figures evaluating Ozdemir, the summit is attended by 130 people from different countries and a total of 1,450 jobs, 25 thousand two job interviews carried said. Ozdemir,"the world that took place in 18 trillion dollars of foreign trade of $ 1.4 billion in the agricultural sector through occurs,"he said.
World Trade Bridge at meetings of the last 4 years to 43.6 billion dollars of commercial revenue is obtained Özdemir,"In 2023, 150 billion dollar exports of agricultural products are targeted. currently 16 billion dollars in exports of agricultural products,"he said. Erzurum as the Bangladesh delegation Organized Industrial Zone show voicing Özdemir, Bangladesh's food sector, mainly doing business and Erzurum connection will be established, he said.
Of classrooms is intended to close the business world as how they evaluate inquiring reporters responsive DASİDEF Secretary-General Halim Gokce following said:"Courses us depends on our associations and federations of course, is a member. therefore engaged in trade of such institutions shutting down, especially when we is not democratic, we want to emphasize. Yet private enterprise front of the cut, we think. Turkey in recent years made strides opposite of the nonsense that I want to emphasize. because working in these industries 100 thousand staff there. 100 thousand people are employed places. Such a closing agenda when it comes to the employment field problems will be experienced due to such undertakings of the front off to have our training too'll hurt hence the business world it reactive. done some explanations educational reform is done is emphasized. health care field and transportation in the area some reforms they are performed so national education at the point of this reform is said to be. But the business world it responsive because health care reform done when the private hospitals being shut down was made. Consequently, in whichever sector whatever reforms you are going to another not cover be very accurate believe that. the same time, today, training in the field of university, TOKI parallel working in the construction industry is no different from no. Or the meat-fish runs parallel to the butcher's no difference between what is not. same area private entrepreneurs the same law filed institutions. from Turkey so after excretion today classrooms coming up tomorrow if you TOKI very good doing construction, construction firms of contractors closes at you can be called. Or meat fish agency does a great job butcher closes with you it can be said therefore the business case responsive to is. Education in the economic sense when we consider it unconstitutional thus Article 48 requirement of private entrepreneurs is being barred needs to be, and this law contrary is the case. therefore legally te businessmen this reactive."
after the meeting, businessmen Erzurum Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) toured. OSB, President of Victory ERGÜNEY ERGÜNEY delegation who visited his office got information about the OSB. ERGÜNEY expressed satisfaction with the visit and thanked for their contribution to ERGİAD.
Delegation then toured in OSB manufacturing plants found in contact.

ERGİAD hosted a business delegation from Bangladesh" comments for.


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