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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:49

Ergün, President of the Village Views

Ergün, President of the Village Views
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Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Fox attached to the center of Sulaymaniyah, Stigma, and Sarıalan villages visited by Karayeni met with citizens.

Manisa news: Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Fox attached to the center of Sulaymaniyah, Stigma, and Sarıalan villages visited by Karayeni met with citizens. The President met with great enthusiasm in the villages
Ergun visited in the villages where they are implemented in the remaining 4.5 years of the project and talked about their services. Visit to the Deputy Mayor Architect Azmi Acıkdil, Tamer Çipiloğl MHP IR s President Mehmet functional, MHP E ehzad shops District Chairman Call Tuatay MHP Yunus Emre District President Nazmi Bice, the Nationalist Hearths Provincial President of Honor Papuçcuoğl MHP Women's Wing President Hajar Semerci, Princes Town Prospective Candidates Cem Colli, Tamer Akkale, Councillors Köroğlu Hussein, Khaldun Oluç, Suha Akyuz, Sezai Gürcan along with joined the party.
President Ergun first visit Fox Suleymaniye made to the village. Here Ahmet Uysal village headmen and was greeted with great interest by the villagers. The President shook the hands of the individual citizen Ergun, then made a speech to the citizens in the village coffee shop. Fox started from Sulaimaniya to visit the village stating that the first President Ergun, out of his pocket, showing the identity of the peasants of the village population is registered with the Süleymaniye Fox said. Return to the status of Village neighborhood is reminiscent of Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, all districts in the next four-month period, visiting towns and villages will meet with citizens, he said. Manisa new law with the 17 districts in the hosting all cities stated that the President Ergun,"Manisa Municipality is now 1 million 360 thousand population bring service came to the point. Recent legislation in our province, our country no to bring hope you,"he said.
Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Fox Sulaimaniya's central nearest village is in the city follow developments closely, said:"Of course some of our friends opportunities in line with the times Manisa 'It comes in either. most Manisa is located within. Shopping doing. Manisa Municipality task of April 1, 2009 God in us has bestowed. All our team together during this period, from where we got where we brought. bit of it I want to mention. 2009 Manisa Municipality revenue budget as 65 million, debt of 96 million were. So the budget of roughly 150% on a debt that we got. Subordinated debt brave whip is we say. forefathers it said. us first 12-15 month period, primarily their feet to stand on, budget revenues according to fix a Manisa Municipality have created. course within that time period also all started our preparations. 15 month period, we liabilities when cleaning her next period, what we can do vice president yours, all teşkilatımızla team and our councilors in our study we did,"he said.
"without discrimination equal service took him"
in debt they rescued Manisa Municipality on their feet can stand strong institution they transformed and then commence business stated that they Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun,"in Manisa eastern, western, that party, this party without distinction of 57 neighborhoods to the entire service took him. Firstly, infrastructure, storm water, sewer, sidewalk, park, playground and behind the asphalt records for all Manisa 57 neighborhood these services we delivered. Manisa ' people eight in the evening after the family, the street can not go condition. Kent evenings a dead city was in a state. Our schools, our mosques, public buildings, our main street and our whole park Our including all the improvements we've made. Illumination hold them all kinds of wall coverings and other services a verb social areas families çoluğu you with your kids can sit venues put into life, Manisa night's one-hour even in the young lady, a family with your child comfortably stroll can become a city brought. course"Manisa is Changing"we said. these changes, our people began to see,"he said.
"large projects we have implemented"
city's pressing problems resolved after the major projects of a life spent in voicing Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun,"last year and a half in the Manisa Municipality on the biggest investments service began to offer. Şuanda a new auto terminal building, Allah granted if the end of February to the right 200 acres of landscape grounds and finishing is becoming. Approximately 25 trillion, approaching at a cost of Manisa a new car terminal will be establishing. Yet in the last month, Mr. General Chairman Devlet Bahceli Manisa with the participation in Manisa about 35, close to a part of laying the foundation, in a section openings we do, and most importantly we finished Alparslan Turkes we call the interchange we introduce.'s mausoleum in Istanbul Fatih Museum in Turkey after the third Çanakkale Martyrs' Diara upgrade and Ataturk Exhibition Hall doors to visitors opened. Manisa 170-acre City Park work in progress. Manisa thousand of our children receive services Atatürk Youth Centre have implemented. Pensioners Park Car Park's work began. as well as Toki 2 and Toki three housing adjacent to the two sports facilities have made. Moreover Waste Water Treatment and Waste Facility in the tender stage came. Manisa will make a gymnasium and swimming pool on our work continues. brief our services ceaselessly continues"he spoke.
"unfledged ORPHAN's eating the right have"
Manisa with these services the money is, it comes in the expense calculation done well with life now voicing President Ergun,"Plug the openings have . someone's pocket outgoing flows the front of the cut. Feather unfinished orphan's rights have not eaten. Duties When we came to over £ 65 million we received with the municipal budget as of today, 200 million over TL was removed. How'd we give a few examples I want. bus terminal task when we come to the municipality's monthly income of 80 thousand TL While today we take measures and income of 290 thousand TL was removed. Again, the monthly rent by 900 thousand TL with garbage services today in their car and team to our side in the price started to make. Monthly 600 thousand spent on parks and gardens jobs we have 200 thousand TL have revealed . As a result, your feet tired your coat according succeed if you would be. course, these measures with the Manisa Municipality is growing,"he said.
in Manisa metropolitan covered 780 villages and 1440 neighborhood services would go representing President Ergun,"Of course, we of the law to be implemented with the Princes and Yunus Emre Counties headmen come together and listen to the problems we have. As of today, our villages the available budget on the pavement, mosque, lighting, benches, trash containers, minibus services such as lead have started to . As of today at the center 80 of our village rubbish we collect. course, a little while ago I mentioned. present our budget currently 200 million the budget on these services are doing. Metropolitan is the Manisa Municipality's budget 1 quadrillion to reach. Nevertheless county our towns and our villages in services increased much more future. infrastructure services, such as waste water treatment system will be given to environmental factors,"he said. These jobs are sure hands required to conduct the underlines President Ergun,"After all our people in this business to the people the decision to give,"he said.
"Our party DISTRICT WHO nominated if our head cold has a place"
Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun speech in his visit to the village of Municipal Candidates Candidates accompanying Prince Harry Collier and Tamer Akkale also introduced to the villagers. The purpose of the unity and solidarity in this study is to make an expression that President Ergun,"Our party district municipalities who nominates the head if you on our lot. We in metropolitans, they have district municipalities this formation are going to implement. Themselves wish you success,"he said.
Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun Sulaymaniyah Fox Knoll Village after village was the next stop. Here Sen Village Headman Abraham met with great interest by the villagers accompanying the President Ergun and then met with residents at the village coffee shop. Here welcome speech of Knoll Village Headman Abraham Doctor, 15 years dreamed of their work, six months in a short time come to life, stating that"you personally, and apartment managers of your contributions and with the support of 6 months in a short time made of services that we are happy,"he said. Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergün Doctor village headman was thanked for the nice conversation. Later, addressing villagers in a speech President Ergun, so far they had implemented projects and then their studies gave information about.
Collier AND AKKAL of raised hands up
Speaking at the end of Princes Municipal Candidates Candidates Cem Collier and Tamer Akkale hands holding levitate President Ergun,"Princes District Municipality at the point of our party's two candidates in there. Someone on my right one on my left stands. already both get better I say. Ultimately here, a person will be nominated. its judgment in the office will give. But what is important here both hands together is. This association hope the county with both metropolitan municipality with the most beautiful services you will offer. Yunus Emre Mayor candidate for our Azmi Açıkdil here. Himself also wish you success. Allah all About auspicious whatever bestowed get,"he said.
VISITS KARAYENİ by AND Sarıalan villages continued in
Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun and his subsequent stops the Karayeni by and Sarıalan villages was. In both villages met with drums and flutes Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun peasants, with banners that hang because of the services offered his thanks. Which I addressed to the citizens of the two villages President Ergun, recently spoke of their services to the villages. Opportunities made in accordance with the services of the villages removal of deficiencies tried to underline that the President Ergun,"Hopefully metropolitan When we are of these services is much more to our villages come.'s God's will and you, with the support of these services do hope bestowed on us would be,"he said. Here MHP C ehzad the Municipal Candidates Candidates Cem Collier and Tamer Akkale raised their hands of the President Ergun, gave a message of unity.

Ergün, President of the Village Views" comments for.


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