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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:23

Erkan Morkoç:Chamber of Architects Building is Not a Political

Erkan Morkoç:Chamber of Architects Building is Not a Political
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President of the Chamber of Architects of Kütahya Erkan Morkoç room that a restructuring of the political voiced.

Kütahya news:
World Architecture Day because that makes a statement Morkoç healthy and balanced environment and the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution taken , said:\"Society, belonging and sense of identity of the artistic and spatial expression of the public spaces of the future heritage make up the built environment and the country's history the culture and fabric of life which is the foundation of architecture with stands out. Both the user and the employer is architecture , ecological, economic and social issues based human-oriented, participatory policies to generate demand iletmektedir.mim Chamber , focus on the people as a profession practitioners institution. Human-oriented Because of Architecture our profession is an honorable profession but so far the responsibility of the profession. Chamber of Architects of a political structure is not . power from the Constitution areas serving the public interest a professional institution. our city construction about all urban practices and decisions lean to follow up , to investigate , examine If you need to resort to legal means and is one of the basic obligations of the room . Our room at the point of Kütahya our city against urbanization , science stance in favor of democracy and the people within the legal limits continued until today and will continue after today . The world , our country , our city and understands that life and its appropriate solutions , producing work in the understanding of life were spent and will continue to be , \"he said. (EFA)

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