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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:16

Ermenek from Ünalan And'Street to Quit'the call Disclosures

Ermenek from Ünalan And'Street to Quit'the call Disclosures
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Officer-Sen Chairman Ugur Unal Bureau , the Ermenek disaster and hdp'n's \"Take the street\"was an important statement on the call.

Adıyaman news: Photo Adiyaman office clerk you who participated in the Provincial Court Officer-Sen Chairman Ugur Unal Bureau meeting , the descriptions found on the agenda. The disaster occurred in Ermenek , despite the removal of state laws man`s law practice Ugur Ünalan stating he did wrong , \"after the Soma tragedy that we lost our 301 workers in May , we are faced with this time Ermenek disaster . Certainly Allah Almighty without hope is not lost, but our hope decreases. the event is an accident? is there a neglected ? They will investigate researched by our Government and the Government . If there is a neglect, omission , which will be punished. in the bag by the Government last interest law, mine workers higher wages as well as the administration , the introduction of strict measures relating to occupational safety had foreseen. But which remove if you remove the law , apply if you apply what sanctions , business turn it around and relies on human beings. to obey the law and who apply the law are human . If you get stuck by the doing or head human error, neither the government and the state should do? \"he said. Photo hdp'n's \"Go down to the street\"The response to the call Ünalan, \"Isidor excuses Kopani attacks'Go down to the street'calling and who are challenging the settlement process HDPE/PKK , now its supporters for November 1st serdilh the'I made a call . I want to call the 77 million citizens of our Adiyaman . for God's sake , Muhammad's sake heed to those who call down the street. our faith unites us , our faith , our Rabb'i , worship us and our Prophet . We see these calls as dirty plans of traps and subcontractors of the imperialist . we know closely with extras in written bloody scenario. brotherhood , not by the brotherhood literature, defended the fraternity morality and law. brotherhood he, his brother can not be shallow in the law to moral harm. burn our streets, hearts fire instead of rotating them , persist in those fed the chaos'll stand for eternal brotherhood, we stand and we will disrupt bloody plans. being discreet fulfill our nation , terrorist organizations , and to fall into the trap of quarterback who invented them, \"he said .
end of the meeting office clerk You Adiyaman Branch Mayor Kadir Özşahin , was a gift from President Ugur Ünalan Nemrut figures .

Ermenek from Ünalan And'Street to Quit'the call Disclosures" comments for.


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