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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:47

Ersun Lateral name Trabzonspor community has divided the

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After the break with the coach Vahid Halilhodzic E is prepared to bring you the red-blue color per team name Lateral Trabzonspor has divided the community.

Trabzon news: Photo waters can not be considered a kind of Trabzonspor . Flash transfers his early season coach Vahid Halilhodzic relics that but I would expect that out of a kind of yakalayama by located in the bottom row league burgundy-blueness, coach turbulent period , although part ways with Vahid Halilhodzic not gotten through . Bosnian coach's duty to be at the helm of the team coach after the end looked certain that you e Lateral name to start a new discussion in the community. E is planning to bring you the interesting claim Trabzonspor coach seats are raised about lateral , left red-blue hard case management . Fans are ongoing instability on the lateral . Photo THE LAW BOARD SIDE ON THE GAVE REPORT MANAGEMENT Photo Trabzonspor Law Board , Ersun Lateral name of the purple-blue the club said the then government and the council presidency board, Lateral sent a report about . Trabzonspor Law Board Member Atilla Dilaver, Ersun Lateral law as installation documentation past allegations of ethical violations and encouraged management to Trabzonspor in a report and presented to the council presidency. Fenerbahçe in the period when the coach , Trabzonspor May 9, 2014 dated UEFA application was filed in parentheses Lateral name. Photo FENERBAHÇE'< strong> THE PERCEPTION OF OPERATIONS After leaving office Photo Vahid Halilhodzic Trabzonspor Technical you EAN taken for granted the fact that the Director of the criticisms made ​​against lateral , Fenerbahçe started by a'perception operation'was claimed to be . Laterally , football Trabzonspor some circles of indigestible to return as coach , experienced technical man it says that discredit to the name occurs a number of claims horse. Photo HACIOSMANOĞLU SIDE ABOUT spoke Photo Trabzonspor Chairman Ibrahim Hacıosmanoğlu , E you made ​​statements after the allegations raised in a television channel about lats . Lateral that makes handicapping proposal said Nedim Fat himself talk about the angry Hacıosmanoğlu , \"You E 30 years ago and you take out the one played Yanal'l the ball . Can you make this publication regarding other clubs ? This right I do not understand where you think ,\"he said .
Hacıosmanoğlu said deliberately to make these allegations raised about lateral , \"So you're what I could not hurt my struggle took office in lateral Trabzonspor . it's just you E is not lateral bench . behind the scenes there are other things ,\"he said.

Ersun Lateral name Trabzonspor community has divided the" comments for.


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