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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:28

Ersun Yanal'dan critical warning players

Ersun Yanal'dan critical warning players
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Winner of five-a 2 great moral victory against Sivasspor Fenerbahce, the coach Ersun Yanal'ın şahlandırdı two critical intervention.

Liverpool 's CAS sentence echoes the yellow-blue team in order to survive and recover, is struggling. Sivasspor Kuyt and Volkan's speech in the locker room after the match, then the words of Yanal'ın Ersun like a bomb on the agenda fall.

Fenerbahçe coach lats, and the return of Arsenal match Sivasspor on the plane as well as the pre-match talk has scored a very important facility.

London airport boarding penalty yet speaking to fix the morale of caravan Lateral learning, closely involved with Fenerbahçe footballers. All players who almost destroyed Ersun Lateral, to stay afloat, especially captains went over and asked for them to know that everything will be as before. However, the main speech made before the match Sivasspor Samandıra Facility.

Ersun lats, suddenly shouted at his players at a recent meeting. '' Why your head upside down morale ahead of the yellow and dark blue. Raise your head as you do, and every year of the war. Sticky Thread is waiting for you to fight more than 2 times after that. Who fought in the field, did not lose while fighting, playing at the end of the season and I want to see a cast of wanting to become a champion,"he said. Lateral Merieles also spoke for a long time with the guarantee fee was leaving. Portuguese footballer Ersun Yanal'in the face of this attitude was quite moved, .

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