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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 09:32

Erzincan Day took place in Sugar Bench

Erzincan Day took place in Sugar Bench
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With the approach of the feast of Eid al-Adha in Erzincan frenzy began.

Erzincan news:
local products with pan roasted the weight as sold in Erzincan, hazelnuts and pistachios cold and frost for their mobile burns.
Erzincan Gemini Nuts shopkeepers , Osman Mala feast of preferred products and by providing information about said ; < br/> Day feast for our province and our mobility began. Erzincan people show a large demand in the nuts . Especially in Erzincan local nuts with pan roasted chickpeas most preferred among those who does this bayramda. but our people feast now following the holidays to see as the city to go outside on hotels resorts in the passing our our sales negatively etkiliyor. it also a fact that the Erzincan There has been an institution in culture and hopeful it will not be lost in no time . On holidays delight from the very chocolate varieties more popular görüyor.bayra candy as an assortment of chocolates in our quality ratio 6 £ starting from 25 £ to continue until the ediyor.tav a chickpea except other preferred nuts as peanuts, hazelnuts , pistachios , almonds and grapes generally preferred among oluyor.kuruye our quoted prices now chickpeas $ 10 peanut 12 £ , pistachio filling hit due to the current price 46 £ , almond 38 £ grape our from 10 to 14 between £ değişiyor.fın Adygeyan If we come now nuts chills due to this year's price slightly rose and now the bench in the price of 44 £ oldu.kolony are the weights compared to 5 to 10 between £ değişiyor.kolony varieties of our citizens now more than olive oil cologne to prefer başladı.bunu with elders tobacco cologne , the youth is lemon cologne preferred ediyor.satış general, our Eve and Eve to the first day stay usually yoğunlaşıyor.erzincanl of our citizens our request Eid as a holiday let them see the feast as a holiday may live and plenty of nuts consumed matter . \"he said.

Erzincan Day took place in Sugar Bench" comments for.


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