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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:34

Erzincan in Terzibab Cemetery Cordless Tools Service

Erzincan in Terzibab Cemetery Cordless Tools Service
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Erzincan Municipality, Terzibab Cemetery for a festival to visit with disabilities and the elderly who wish to offer services for cordless tools .

Erzincan news:
Erzincan Municipality, the feast of the sacrifice so Terzi Baba Cemetery Visit wishing to disabled, elderly and sick citizens cordless tools and wheelchair service gives .
Visit the citizens of Erzincan Municipality Terzibab Cemetery, the cemetery worker cordless tools and wheelchairs by requiring citizens to visit until the end of escorted whether to pray helping oluyor.mezarlık made ​​in the area of these services citizens blessing and expressed satisfaction getirdiler.terz Baba cemetery grave to visit from the mobility-impaired citizens are afforded to them these facilities within the comforts cemeteries gezebildiklerini provide this service Erzincan Mayor and gave their thanks to the staff in prayer .
Tailor father Cemetery Manager Murat Uslu regarding the services provided ; Cemeteries of us ciğerpare of the eternal life , symbolizing places hükmünde.dolayı the feast Eve also a beautiful ceremony have come and our go our abundant oluyor.cid was the intensity in which we live nowadays us our people better able to serve on behalf of two power wheelchairs and five in the manual wheelchair with walking difficulties attracts our elderly , disabled brothers 2 years in maintaining that we the service this holiday Arefesinde again tekrarlıyoruz.ayrı this feast on the eve axis as in the municipal disabled vehicle with our if requested impaired brothers and sisters with walking difficulties elderly people homes and cemeteries after visiting the house again to leave the service we are engaged in the way of our people so that they can visit more comfortable in Erzincan Municipality has gö attempt to do our best .

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