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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 07:30

Erzincan Municipality Gives Life to Ekşisu Picnic Area

Erzincan Municipality Gives Life to Ekşisu Picnic Area
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Erzincan, 12 kilometers away from resembling the 30 years of visual pollution of water dance instead of correcting the pouring of the problem where the pond's water forming in the studies carried out in all the face of feverish work başlattı.mesir area to become where the promenade area of the entertainment center with new projects produced Ekşisu promenade area of Erzincan Municipality which a sports center where besides the landscaping and all kinds of field landscape to create , to familiarize with the carriage in order to experience nostalgia to Erzincanlılar , finally, where the project by planning to make therein spa area Erzincan befitting a spa center began to implement .

Erzincan news: Photo Ongoing work Erzincan who visited the area to investigate the mayor said in a statement here Cemaledin Başsoy ; \"Ekşisu promenade our second one project in the area began in house.We is one milkweed projesidir.b project last year, but an unfinished projedir.diğer since the the year they had used our countrymen we also Ekşisu mıntıkadı this is about 2 months in the two regions have a working yapıyoruz.he full as neticelendiremedik.inşallah spring months , we will present the new season in the service of our place in the countrymen. have done certain work every incoming Mayor subject here, and the shape and format of our citizens serve sunmuştur. but we came timeframe in in Turkey in both world resort area is a very different point you get in a foreign state , whether in the various metropolitan cities of our country , no matter what opportunities are offered to the citizens , if available service , we ask that these opportunities have started their own countrymen and our our guests sunalım.b point in studies from Erzincan. First is currently on milkweed project we found that we 50% had been completed when we arrived , but 50% of duruyordu.i on the monthly work with here, the biggest flaw sprinkler and irrigation systems have olmamasıydı.sert floors, camellias but who park in the park and engaged in recreational area of the promenade area with trees and yeş this we solved the irrigation problems primarily in the context of here and now is about to end . The next year, here is lush, emerald as rosy effort to provide the services of an area where we will establish istiyoruz.b and effort içerisindeyiz.ayrı by waterfalls. The next year, services sunacağız.diğer to complete the milkweed project since we also Ekşisu and year where traditionally been left to its own devices while we take very radical decisions.
We drain to empty any water in the lake during Ekşisu 30 years and slime on the bottom , you're getting mud on it we will also have a new material and also made ​​his way onto the dizeceğiz.b pebble stones we also like there to be a water algae engelleyeceğiz.bill and in view of the landscaping out çıkaracağız.bura . Also on these pools, ponds on a very serious light and our friends also related to water dance sunacağız.bunu our countrymen a serious study yapıyorlar.o as next year compatriot our offer was olacağız.ayrı , again located in the promenade area dusty-ground car parking our vardı.bur Show we do asphalt lot done in these 10 hectares of 5 thousand square meters alanlardı.biz close to about 10 hectares and compatriot our bur field of landscaping the yapacağız.ayrı by two recreational areas a linking intervening linking the Ekşisu with milk weed also that dusty-dirt road parking lock by processing the stones , we have offered our services to our fellow citizens in combining nostalgic structure. This is what I , the two chapters about the park completed and currently working vaziyettedir.gel the countrymen of our already soccer fields in the görüyorlar.ayrı by Ekşisu recreation areas that we resolve these problems , volleyball courts, basketball courts, perhaps tennis and maybe even further than can be played in different things like baseball , families came with children when the children when it comes to their guests for a more comfortable playing fields, them we Ekşisu in the coming season to educate our citizens offered the services olacağı see our shortcomings , we will complete by adding to the project in the coming days .
ERZİNCAN phaeton meet Photo of a project where you know in the past we have more var.erzincan yapılıyordu.b with the transport carriage in the city when there is no taxi countrymen that we launched in the promenade area geçireceğiz.gel Ekşisu as nostalgia and guests will be met with here in the carriage . As they wandered around in the field Ekşisu we will both have lived in that nostalgia. DO Photo , OPERATION , Transfer model GEOTHERMAL KAPLICALARI ERZİNCAN will be moved to about Photo spas there is also a system that has traditionally uygulanmıştır.y new outdoor pools in the area since the past year and made ​​this outdoor pools çalışılmış.o to keep it alive , operate, we want to offer this to our people with the transfer model of geothermal resources . Because the private sector made ​​services better and more standard as yürüyebiliyor.beledi into service with that those of us who oluşmuyor.başk something we an environment oluşmuyor.iste very hygienic 20-25 years until today's day they did some things , but what we want and Erzincan worthy Spas them değildir.yap , run, do not operate the transfer model in front of us also about the here and the season is a very serious study of a hill in yapacağız.bura and we remove this hill , then çalışıyoruz.dah main roads merge here to'll build new facilities, large and open will put hot tubs and our countrymen our first aim in sunacağız.bura the service, we met with several investors , here to do, operate, transfer model that modern structures in the provinces in geothermal hot springs we have had our a domestic trip related istiyoruz.bunu move Erzincan , work place the present study Erzincan'I'll in all areas of our offer we made quick work of the coming season to the citizens the opportunity to make a very nice hot springs in this region , \"he said .


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