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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 21:23

Erzincan Provincial Assembly was convened under the chairmanship of the Governor Heroes

Erzincan Provincial Assembly was convened under the chairmanship of the Governor Heroes
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Erzincan Erzincan Provincial Assembly was chaired Governor Süleyman Hero .

Erzincan news:
Erzincan Provincial Assembly of October 2nd regular meeting under the chairmanship of Governor of Erzincan Kahraman new Provincial Assembly was held in the building . Meeting the opening speech of the Provincial Assembly President Unal harriers , Provincial Assembly of Governor Solomon Heroes briefed , Erzincan Provincial Assembly of the other Provincial Assembly in accordance with the decisions unanimously taken and harmonious working council stating that the Provincial General Assembly in the new period a good way to work would continue , he said.
Erzincan Provincial General Assembly President Unal Tuygun's speech after speech, the Governor Kahraman new Provincial Assembly building, best wishes in the family, in the new building for Erzincan better decisions signed believes that noted.
Hero Governor . in his speech ;'Nowadays, the administration no longer the best management style yerelleşmektir.yerel management are , and today such services yerleşiyor.özel in the administrations of decentralization of the important examples General Assembly special administration's most important dynamics biridir.yıl of the berru our country special provincial administrations, provincial council useful and successful services yürütüyor.b closely know likewise Erzina also the provincial council also useful service their the most important part of the special administration of the decisions and efforts to align and be in harmony and together, ie no separate gayrılıg without regard to decide unanimously to take I also sevindirmiştir.demokra is this opposition olur.aykır opinion in the can be.We the normaldir. , though it heresy as a result of a combination a decision me also happy etmiştir.değerl your friends you in the valuable feedback olacaktı course, this valuable opinion and provincial council and There is also the assess zorundayız.bun always will consider and I believe sizlr valuable perspectives on and provincial council work and my contribution with my revealed a significant synergy çıkacaktır.bur the the only goal of Erzincan until service etmektir.b housing hand with the union will endeavor our aim to Erzincan Turkey and the world a very important point is to move ,'he said .
Governor Süleyman the hero's speech after the meeting started Provincial General Assembly President Unal harriers , the meeting agenda includes the following topics about the Governor Solomon Hero and Provincial Assembly members in disclosures found . < br/> Meeting agenda items were discussed and resolved after connecting the ends .


Erzincan Provincial Assembly was convened under the chairmanship of the Governor Heroes" comments for.


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