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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:44

Erzurum Air Traffic Declined

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The share of the number of flights to Erzurum in the January-September period while staying at 18.9 percent , the international aircraft , commercial aircraft and number of passengers declined while the share of time.

Erzurum news: City airport held international aircraft , commercial aircraft , guest passenger number of countries share the fell . Photo Erzurum Flight SHARE this year from 10 ports and airports in the Photo Eastern Anatolia Region 9 months and 32 thousand 297 domestic flights were a total of 32 thousand 960 , including 663 outside line. Erzurum 18.69 percent of the share of domestic and even foreign even 25.4 percent , was 18.91 per cent in total . Inside the country share of the province even 1:27 so the outside even so 0048 , 0.71 percent of the total . Photo ERZURUM'< strong> number of international passengers SHARE located in 10 provinces of
Eastern Anatolia Region Weather area and the port o-September period of 3 million 923 thousand 196 domestic and 61 hosted a total of 3 million 985 thousand 84 thousand 888 passengers , including international flights. Erzurum airport in the region in the number of domestic passengers share of 19.1 percent , 21.5 percent in outline , was calculated by 19.1 percent in total. So even if countries share Erzurum interior 1.41, 0.023 percent outside line was measured to be 0.69 percent of the total . Photo ERZURUM'< strong> SHARE EAST COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT Photo airport and seaport in the Eastern Anatolia Region 9 months of 2014 , 26 thousand 814 interior, including a total of 27 thousand 474 outside line 288 commercial flights were recorded. The share of domestic commercial flights to Erzurum region even 18.66 percent , 30.37 percent outside line , was 18.86 per cent in total . The share of domestic commercial flights to the country so even 1:30 , or even non-0.037 percent , 0.67 percent were recorded in total. Photo Erzurum in the international aircraft TIME Photo # 2 located in the Eastern Anatolia Region 10 Erzurum airport and port number of trips from the international aircraft conducted in 2014 found 9 airport Elazig 196 then ranks the 2nd voyage . 281 in the period from Elazığ , Erzincan from 16 , 2 from Kars , Malatya 90 , Van Ferit Melen On the outside line 78 flights were performed. Photo number of international passengers to and Erzurum Photo DHM in the number of international passengers according to Erzurum Airport January to September data remained in second place in September. 9 months of 2014 35 thousand 272 passengers entertained while the first Elazığ , Erzurum was second with 13 thousand 307 passengers . Erzurum Airport, 9 thousand 315 Malatya airport with passengers , 2 thousand 413 passengers with Van Ferit Melen Airport , airport Erzincan with thousand 237 passengers , was followed Kars airport with 344 passengers. Photo COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION Photo of flights outside line , outside line in the number of commercial flights as well as the number of passengers continues to rise Elazığ , launched in June. Erzurum 2014 9 months contours as in July and in August the number of commercial flights in September stayed in second place. In the period from Erzurum 144, 230 from Elazığ, Erzincan to 7 , from Kars 2 , 67 Malatya , Van Ferit Melen 24 The contours of commercial flights was made.

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