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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:23

Erzurum Snow

Erzurum Snow
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The air temperature falls to zero degrees in Erzurum, which was wrapped in white with Palandöken Mountain snow.

Erzurum news: Photo Erzurum effective, while heavy rains during the night in the center , seen snowfall in Palandöken . Snowfall in the morning fog in Palandöken and enhancing effects , visibility dropped a meter . Flaky snow in the Palandöken, was imbued with the white. Dedeman Ski area is located where snow is coated completely , 2 formed in the roof of snow was observed Find My centimeters . From time to time increase the impact of snowfall was beautiful scenes in Palandöken . The house in the early morning from the shepherds to graze their animals caught in the heavy snowfall Photo . Wrapped in a white shepherds who graze their animals on the mountain , stating that they caught unprepared , said snow when grazing animals is very difficult. Dursun Shepherding Dogan, \"In the morning I did not fat early as severe when we left the house an hour the snow so much. Now increase the snowfall intensity . We came back literally winter Erzurum can say. Our stoves in our village began to burn. This is our on the job. Shepherding making profit we earn bread money we grazing winter in animals. Card grazing becomes difficult. animals grazing in the mountains unable to provide balance when it snows , we are experiencing minor accidents . Yesterday landed founded our overnight village. he did not hurt us any pet to our or property from God. we understand that wolves in when the weather is really cold , \"he said . Photo on the other hand ; 12. According to information received from the Regional Directorate of Meteorology , the lowest temperature at night in the region; Minus 2 in Ardahan , Kars, minus 1 , 2 Erzurum , Erzincan, 7 , pain in 5 , measured as 9 degrees in meteorology officials Igdır warned citizens against ice and frost .


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