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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:21

Escaped bull was a mess in Sivas

Escaped bull was a mess in Sivas
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With the breaking of the rope is about to be cut in Sivas bull escaped , was caught with drug needles as a result of a two-hour chase .

Sivas news: Coskun Yilmaz
the seven-share bull , Horse Industry in the shop which is attached in the hands of the owners of the chain breaking fled. Aksu Park from the direction of the bull wandering the streets and alleys , could not be caught despite a long struggle . The bull had a hard time to the owners , fleeing a computer shop and broke the glass . High School bypassing Congress of iron and iron-breaking bull also entered the school yard .
Meanwhile, depending on the animal's owner Sivas Municipality has requested assistance from animal capture time . The bull was shot several times with remote drug needles , could not be captured in a short period of bewildered . With the start of the needles to take effect at the end of the two hour-long chase, caught the bull by pet owners .
Brought into the school yard with the tractor overturned bull was cut in the school yard . Citizens watched with curious eyes of a bull's escape . Taurus , legs tractor hanging in a manner to be cut back to the industry was taken .
Bull's owner Yilmaz Coskun, \"the shop had tied the chain broke . Chain after removing ancestors from the industry in this direction came . Congresses High School municipalities friends arrived . Two we caught the end of time , \"he said .

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