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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:39

Eskişehir Grey Wolves Wolf Wide Participation Iftar Table

Eskişehir Grey Wolves Wolf Wide Participation Iftar Table
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Grey Wolves by Eskişehir , Islands Locality Iftar dinner was held a well-attended .

Eskişehir news: Grey Wolves by Eskişehir , Islands Locality Iftar dinner was held a well-attended .
dinner , the Idealist General President Olcay Guide , Tashkent Mayor Ahmet Atac and Eskisehir Former Governor Kadir Çalışıc , the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) provincial and district heads and managers, the Idealist General office managers, Eskişehir Nationalist Hearths President Peters Shahan and Board members, in Eskişehir Grey Wolves of the presidents and administrators, non-governmental organizations with representatives of numerous crowd invited community attended.
thousands of people attended the iftar Mehteran team also anthem rang . Basbug late Alparslan Turkes of his own voice fasts Ramadan opened with prayer . Following the opening of iftar and prayers to the Idealist Eskişehir Provincial President Peters Shah made ​​a speech . Engine Shah , in his speech ; \"Unfortunately, we were in the month of Ramadan mercy full climate bittersweet way we live. Unfortunately, the month of Ramadan , the Turkish-Islamic geography bleeds . Blood and murder is prohibited in this holy month , our relatives , our Muslim brothers persecution , blood loss, blood touches our . Turkmeneli from the East Patani from Turkestan in Arakan , from Egypt to Palestine , Iraq, Syria , South Azerbaijan, Mosul , Kirkuk , Bosnia, in short, the sun rises to where it sets where our brothers and sisters consanguineous blood is crying. Turkish nationalists as this persecution can not remain silent're not staying. Turkish-Islamic geography blood crying we were in our motherland Anatolia has gotta get out , \"he said .
Then, the Idealist General President Olcay guide also gave a speech . Olcay Guide , said:''Top of mercy , the middle of the forgiveness , the end of the fire of hell liberation from the Ramadan month of peace and full of blessings climate den feyizlen to our nafs error and of sin to withhold , casuistry , making it pull ourselves together to give you this blessed day is particularly significant . I wish that , in Kirkuk , in Gaza , in Aleppo , Jerusalem , East Turkestan children sit down to iftar dinners with a smiley face . However, the thing , the facts come to life in the exact opposite direction . Our hope is this holy days to you , your family , our country , our nation and the whole world of goodness and beauty to bring direction ,''he said .
Speech, especially in Iraq Turkmen made ​​to the atrocities , describing the material and moral support with next to them indicating that they are Manuals , finally Turkmeneli against the enacted various print and blocking despite 20 truck full of food clothing and clothing assistance ulaştırdıklarını said, and that increased aid will continue , he added .
Speaking after completing the Eskişehir Nationalist Hearths President Peters Shahan, the Idealist Education and Culture Foundation General President Olcay Guide Turkmeneli Flag''A''was a gift. Citizens who chatted for a while and take a souvenir photo with the Grey Wolves Chairman Olcay Guide was separated from the program . Then , Guide, Eskişehir province building through the Idealist found in various consultations .

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