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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:55

Eskisehir \"Sunni Alevi World, the Qur'an is Ahl Maya Paint \"Panel

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Eskişehir Haci Bektas Veli Anatolian Culture Foundation , \"Alevi-Sunni world , the Qur'an is Ahl Maya Paint \"panel was held.

Eskişehir news: Then in Eskisehir panel with the support of Governor Ministry of Culture and Eskişehir, Haci Bektas Veli Anatolian Culture Foundation, asure and meal schedule is traditionally held every year by was this year. Event held in Photo Foundation building , the Governor Azim Tuna Güngör , the AK Party Eskişehir deputy Salih husband , Air Defence Commander Air Vice-Marshal Nihat Kökmen , Anadolu University Rector Dr. Naci Gundogan , Odunpazari Governor Abdullah Selim Shines , Provincial Police Chief Mustafa Sahin, was attended by many guests. Photo speech Governor Tuna Programme , thanked the organizers and everyone involved. Governor of the Danube , \"We has no painted by God's paint. Paint is who is more beautiful than God ? We gravitational bound wholeheartedly with him.\"Qur'an Dye and Ahl-i Bayt Maya , \"says we have the opportunity to share our once more feeling in this panel and you as the same love, the same commitment we dillendiriyoruz:\"We are One and the Prophet did not want no other love each other charge . We sincerely gravitational connected to the Prophet . \"It would be with the person they love \"the way of peace extends to one day , the Prophet. Prophet about everything and especially his family, we gravitational bound wholeheartedly Ahl-i Beytt a deep reverence . \"The Photo speech, unity, solidarity and brotherhood emphasis on making the Danube , he continued:Photo \"This panel is in such as brotherhood, love and all the hearts Dillen , this eminent city in many ways the heart of the Turkish world ocean , quinine , never found a nice return for hatred in our country will not flourish and will continue to find . Eskişehir as the Governor ; Pristine springs of Turkey Ahmet Yesevi world bearing the name of one of the foundations of peace this eminent er , I consider myself fortunate because not breathe the same air of spiritual association. Cultural unity calling voice of Haci Bektas-i Veli in the Capital of the process has been to rehnü as we all hearts architect of our . \"The Photo Haci Bektas Veli Anatolian Culture Foundation Vice President Hussein Fever, foundation and tasks that center's founder Irfan Çetinkaya'nın entrusted meat and he said services would continue until the end. Photo speeches, followed by Marmara University in the Theology Department , Prof. Dr. Elijah Grape, Researcher, Writer Elijah Küçükcan and Researcher, Writer Mustafa Cemil Kılıç , \"Alevi-Sunni world ... Qur'an Paint is Ahl al-Maya \"for his panel presentation they perform . after the panel event ended with refreshments and dining asure .


Eskisehir \"Sunni Alevi World, the Qur'an is Ahl Maya Paint \"Panel" comments for.


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