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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:56

Eskisehir \"Workshop on Collective Intelligence to the Crimea \"

Eskisehir \
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Eskisehir Turkish World Capital of Culture \"by Collective Intelligence to the Crimea Workshop\"was held.

Eskişehir news:
Hasan Polatkan workshops held at the Cultural Center , the National Anthem and the Crimea began with the reading of the National Anthem . Speaking at the opening session of the workshop Eskisehir Governor Azim Tuna Güngör , said there were troubled times in the world . Of the Turkish world of the heart in the Crimea at the said Governor of the Danube , \"very difficult days spend . Fact, in the world of conflict still continues , but the Turkish world heart , now the Crimea in relation to the beats. Crimean Turks very important at the station are . So far in our study , as it after work we do in the Turkish world and in pain and in joy will combine the trials our best will do. our hope , we are experiencing difficulties as soon ending , but it falls to us , the protest to make our but primarily its unity and solidarity to maintain , new to the young of this consciousness transferred to . educational work and cultural activities to do. between countries diplomatic relations , balances that 20 years later, how in the world the boundaries that no one can not predict , but in every way to be strong need . our support each other from being another will do nothing. economic sense of cultural and social sense, also support each other should be . Crimean very important to us , \"he said .
\" WORLD MOST PEACEFUL ACTION Crimean Turks is the case \"
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Deputy Chairman Ruhsar Demirel , his speech last night Corlu who died in the Crimean Association President Ismail Tonguc mercy began apologizing . Demirel case of Crimean Turks living should be an example to the world , said:\"We all are Turks . We all Türkleriyiz Crimean Tatars . Our compatriots who live far away, our co-religionists living , our brothers and sisters living away from you is your case . We were never in this case destroying other people burning in the streets as people who have not pursued . It is the world's most peaceful case of Crimean Turks case. He always described the well with a needle dug was the case . That little body is carried in the hearts of Crimea as Mustafa Agha case. That's why this should be the case with the world . It is a case example to the world . The struggle for existence , struggle to maintain the tradition and customs , language, experience the struggle , is an exemplary case . A single gun, a single shot is not the Crimean Turks'\"he said.
Eskisehir Crimean Turks Culture and Solidarity and Sports Club Association President universe Olcay In his speech , Eskişehir Crimean Association activities mentioned. Olcay completely outsource the performance \"Crimean Songs \"album , said he would . last February in Crimea events addressing Olcay , \"in Crimea past began in February occupying process and then happened the past all policies made ​​over the years has led to uncertainty all the ideas generated . Today we stand on the other issue is what happens after that in the Crimea . Today, different opinions and projections herein will occur. And partners to meet these ideas in mind , the workshop is the biggest target . The other main topic of the workshop we will be then what should we do . I believe that unity and solidarity , took steps , we about the future right as a predictor , we need to do spontaneously emerge, and they adequately fulfill hard will not believe , \"he said .
\" WORKSHOP OF TRADITIONAL should be made \"
\"in Crimea kindred, 70 years later, past the pain of living with the risk faced , \"he Olcay , he continued:
\"Today, when we look the way we began to Abdul Cemil Kırımoğl and Parliament Chairman of Refat Chubarov Crimea not activated . Representative body of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar Attempting to shut down . Russian citizens have brought restrictions on foreign obliges children being kidnapped , communication agencies , our universities soon under pressure and I fear soon it will be exposed to various restrictions . Under these conditions, to keep you warm on the issue of Crimea and in the Diaspora to make joint efforts in order to create public is important and necessary . This is also true of our study is the first move in order to achieve the goal I'm umudund . This workshop subsequent periods also a tradition to become the biggest wish mine. \"
attending the workshop Crimean Tatar National Assembly President Refat Chubarov in his speech last month in Ukraine and Crimea'the incident touched on . process-related in statements Chubarov , Crimean Tatar National Congress of the regulation then in Ukraine change the step they had taken , but in Kyiv events that started the whole process of adverse effects claimed . Last February the Crimea and Crimean Turks'per many challenges brought emphasized that Chubarov , Russia's Crimea invasion on events in Ukraine's soldiers , army , police and other services is too weak arises , he said . Crimea to people living within 10 days of the referendum created noted Chubarov , \"Both committees have established that they want , they both spent a referendum . This was a great show . There was no reality . All our cousins ​​who have never been to this game and had no thoughts to enter . These studies were unlawful and unjust , \"he said.
Russian President Vladimir Putin argues that starts from the occupation of Crimea Chubarov ,\"All the incidents occurred in Russia in the lie. There is a Russian's nose bleeding , hair even loss but we Crimea come the Russians'rights , arguing in history misfortune to clear it wanted, \"he said .
\"RUSSIA \" against or do anything we \"
Chubarov said they could do nothing against the Russian forces , \"new missile systems established in the Crimea , the new tanks are brought. Within our some of our friends , our Congress , our Assembly aims to change . They like the idea . We resist this force not gonna do anything , \"he said .
\"In the Crimea, the changes and the nation's afraid to understand that every day there need to live , \"he continued Chubarov , he continued:
\"Crimea's status in the the more we talk , the need to understand no matter how painful the wiper , the main reason for what he did to Russia's unfair and against the law involved . The changes in the Crimea and the nation's afraid to live there need to understand that every day . We as a Parliament we think we do, and we will do the steps will be different now . Although Ukraine is not helping us , and how much support now . There was no effective mechanism by the world . Does the mindset, for we are to be found . 300 thousand Crimean Tatars society is not something for some countries . We know the challenges around Turkey , but we also want to live . We also see that our nation can be destroyed . Once again canlana of our nation comes not trouble us , we do not have so much potential . Putin want to stop and her Crimean Tatars want to protect . \"
Opening session after the Eskişehir Crimean Turks Culture and Solidarity and Sports Club Association Eskişehir Crimean Turks Culture and Solidarity Sports Club Association on the side of the Governor in the square wreath at Ataturk Monument was presented .
of Congress , will end tomorrow were reported .

Eskisehir \"Workshop on Collective Intelligence to the Crimea \"" comments for.


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