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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:38

Establish Cooperative Auto Galericiler in Manavgat

Establish Cooperative Auto Galericiler in Manavgat
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Antalya's Manavgat district of Tradesmen and Artisans management profession for the first meeting of auto gallerists with the yaptı.toplantı Manavgat Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber ( MESO ) President Hasan steel , MESO Board members and county auto gallerists attended.

Antalya news:
MESO President Hasan Steel meeting in his speech , he took office , they all trades groups, committees will form and this committee thanks branches closer relations with the courses they would be promised , said:\"Today our promise first auto gallery operator tradesmen are done. County a total of 86 auto gallerists's . Manavgat Mayor Şükrü said , the selection process auto gallery owners in Ilica the Trade Center will be moved said . you gallerists our friends Ilica moving to or cooperatives by establishing a new gallerists site about creating opinions hope to get . you of the opinion in the direction necessary established a committee will begin work , \"he said .
Galericiler the Ilica in place gallerists is not suitable for a maximum of 5-6 units of the vehicle exhibited that by specifying a new location bulunarak Galericiler Site's creation asked .
after the speeches, Hassan Stay Hasan Uysal and Zeki Par Meson Auto Gallery Owners Cooperative Committee when selecting MESO President Hasan Steel headed Auto Gallery Owners Cooperative Committee Mehmet İyiol Ramadan Filter Nouri Southwind , Ali Sahin , Mustafa Ozden, Erhan Light, Hasan remained Mustafa Overflow Mehmet thick and Mehmet consisted Stalker .

Establish Cooperative Auto Galericiler in Manavgat" comments for.


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